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Lindsay Richels Explains Challenges That Med School Students Face

Although it is no secret that medical school is extremely demanding, the vast majority of people fail to appreciate the extent to which this notion stretches. In other words, even though everyone knows that becoming a doctor is difficult, those without first-hand experience will never be able to form a truly accurate opinion. Only the… Keep Reading

African mother
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Maninderpal Mand’s Tips for Getting Involved in Philanthropy

Becoming involved in charity or philanthropic work is a deeply rewarding pursuit. When a person becomes involved in his or her community, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped to support important initiatives and bettered the lives of their fellow citizens. Many people might not know where to start when getting involved… Keep Reading

middle east
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Andrew C. Grossman on Middle Eastern Politics: Finding Common Ground

The conflict between Israel and Palestine, in their current forms, has existed for more than 70 years. In truth, tensions between religious groups like Christians, Jews, and Muslims have divided the area since ancient times. As early as the 7th century CE, Jews and Muslims vied for control of the area. Achieving peace in the… Keep Reading

Lady Justice
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Mike G Law Shares Tips for Aspiring Criminal Defense Attorneys

Becoming a lawyer is arguably one of the most challenging career paths in the spheres of professional services. Between the long and difficult academic pursuits that one must go through during their time in law school and the seemingly impossible Bar certification exam, it comes as no surprise that this profession is considered to be… Keep Reading

Sean Lourdes
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Sean Lourdes Tips for Staying Positive in a World Charged with Negativity

In the media today, there is a constant influx of negativity. The news presents struggle and conflict, as well as many forms of human cruelty. Politics have become acrimonious and charged with anger. In today’s high-pressure world, it is challenging to retain a sense of balance. Cushioning oneself against the world’s overwhelming negativity can be… Keep Reading

Sunil Jagani
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Sunil Jagani’s Guide to Leveraging Business Intelligence

Sunil Jagani is the President and Chief Technology Officer at AllianceTek in Malvern, Pennsylvania. He is an IT expert who has more than two decades of experience in the industry and has worked in roles ranging from project manager to chief software architect. During his career, Sunil Jagani helped his companies figure out better solutions… Keep Reading

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