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Alexis Assadi
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Alexis Assadi on the Basics of Investment Strategies

Beginning investors may be nervous to take the plunge. Since most investments carry some risk, novice investors may not want to expose their money to losses. Alexis Assadi, an investor and entrepreneur, explains the advantages of investing and gives beginners useful tips to leverage their earnings well into the future. Read the Fine Print The… Keep Reading

Disruptive Marketing
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TLK Fusion Explains Disruptive Marketing

Today’s consumers are saturated with marketing messages. From online ads on their cell phones to television commercials, consumers are skilled at ignoring messages that are boring or irrelevant. To reach today’s consumer, a more creative approach is necessary. TLK Fusion discusses the importance of disruptive marketing and outlines how it can work for you. What… Keep Reading

social media
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Monster Castings on The Impact of Social Media on the Entertainment Industry

Besides connecting people, social media has been the catalyst for countless changes in nearly every industry. For instance, almost all businesses rely on it for seamless marketing. Also, people from all over the world are using it for content-sharing purposes and brand awareness campaigns. Not to mention its power when it comes to establishing and… Keep Reading

famous civil law cases
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Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Details Five of the Most Famous Civil Law Cases

The world of civil law covers all cases that are not criminal in nature. The class action, negligence, human rights, libel, and securities cases are just a few examples of civil law cases. These five landmark cases have indelibly marked the American legal system. Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP draws these five cases from different areas… Keep Reading

Jonas Gerard
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Jonas Gerard Discusses Creativity, Art, and Community Involvement

Jonas Gerard is a self-made painter from Casablanca, Morocco. Although he has traveled all over the world, he maintains a strong connection to the African continent. Presently, he operates two large galleries that are equipped with state-of-the-art studios. The style which Jonas Gerard relies on is mostly connected to spontaneous abstract expressionism. Of course, he… Keep Reading

retirement sign
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Why Juanita Causey Recommends Buying Annuities

Since investing is the most popular way to earn passive income, there are countless alternatives for those interested. They can choose to buy stocks, bonds, property, mutual funds, private equity, and much more. The ultimate goal, regardless of which investment vehicle is used, is to maximize profits and minimize the risk. The problem, however, is… Keep Reading

profit loss risk
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Kenneth Orr on Why Boring Companies are Often the Best Investments

As the Chief Investment Officer of KORR Acquisitions, Kenneth Orr has a unique perspective on the financial world. He graduated from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts in 1988 and took post-graduate courses at Harvard and Columbia Business Schools. He started his career with North American Agriculture, where he was involved in commodity training. Under his… Keep Reading

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Timur Yusufov on How Supplements Make a Better Athlete

Becoming an athlete is a road paved with difficult training, unexpected injuries, and various types of body aches. Nevertheless, those engaged in sports would agree that they enjoy their profession more than an average person. However, many athletes must be exposed to unorthodox eating, sleeping, and exercising habits to maintain the necessary condition. Sometimes, to… Keep Reading

all area realty services city
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All-Area Realty Services Explains Co-Ops, Their Management, and Insurance

When it comes to personal-use assets, purchasing property is generally considered the heftiest transaction that one can engage in. This is because the cost of buying a home easily exceeds most other expenses that average families face. Consider, for instance, some of the most common assets that people own. These include things like cell-phones, computers,… Keep Reading

body x-ray heart
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Dr. Rohit Arora Analyzes Some of the Most Common Types of Heart Conditions

Heart disease is currently responsible for killing more than 610,000 people every year in the United States. Meaning, it is one of the most potent conditions that the population faces. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people fail to comprehend the various types of heart problems that exist. Unfortunately, such lack of awareness makes people oblivious… Keep Reading

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