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April 7, 2019

P. Daniel Ward Assesses the Latest and Greatest in Hair Treatment

Advances in hair restoration technology have made it possible for anyone to have a full and healthy head of hair. While male and female pattern baldness is extremely common in the general population, it is not necessary for anyone to suffer from the embarrassment of the condition.

Hair restoration boosts a person’s confidence and makes them able to present a happier face to the world. Dr. P. Daniel Ward of Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery helps patients with their hair loss problems and bring them a more youthful appearance. He sees firsthand the confidence boost that effective treatments provide.

In the past, hair restoration has involved the use of “hair plugs,” which are large sections of scalp transplanted from another area to the head. This system produced unnatural-looking results. Today, hair replacement is more targeted and undetectable than ever before.

Today’s Hair Restoration Surgery

In today’s hair restoration surgery, there are two main techniques. The first is called follicular unit transplant or FUT. It involves removing a strip of healthy follicles from the back or sides of the head where hair loss is far less likely to occur. The second option is called follicular unit excision or FUE. This method is even more targeted than FUT and produces extremely natural-looking results. Hair transplants are successful in up to 95 percent of patients, leading to pleasing results that will last over time.

Non-Surgical Methods

Surgical methods are not the only way to prevent and reduce the rate of hair loss. Non-surgical techniques can also be effective in the fight against hair loss. P. Ward MD offers two medical treatments for hair loss which do not involve the relocation of hair follicles.

The first technique is called PRP or platelet-rich plasma. In this procedure, the patient’s own blood is taken, and the plasma is extracted with a centrifuge. The plasma is then carefully injected into the scalp, targeting areas of concern. This method uses the body’s own healing factors to stimulate the hair follicles. PRP is also effective for the treatment of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is an advanced medical technique which produces excellent results for hair loss treatment.

Micro-needling is another method of non-surgical hair loss prevention and treatment. Micro-needling involves rolling a device with hundreds of small needles across the affected scalp areas. This produces tiny pinpricks which encourage the health and renewal of the scalp. When micro needling is performed, collagen formation in the area can lead to hair growth.


Certain medications can also provide relief from and reversal of hair loss. These medications are best to use when the hair is just beginning to be lost, rather than waiting until baldness has set in. These medications preserve the existing hair follicles.

Propecia or finasteride works only on men. It works by keeping testosterone from forming a by-product called DHT. DHT is a hormone that is responsible for shortening the growth phase of hair follicles. Minoxidil, or Rogaine, is appropriate for both men and women. This drug is best used when it is massaged into the scalp twice a day. Simple shampoos with the active ingredient are not as effective as the massage method. With minoxidil, two-thirds of men achieve hair growth.

Minoxidil and finasteride can be combined in men for a better overall chance of retaining hair. These medications can also be combined with micro needling, PRP, and surgical solutions to provide even better results.

Relief from Hair Loss

Hair loss can have a serious impact on a patient’s life and a damaging effect on his or her self-esteem. When patients see a qualified plastic surgeon for help with their hair loss, they will be able to see a more youthful appearance in the mirror. They will have more confidence and will be better able to handle life’s challenges. Doctors like P. Daniel Ward are ready to help men and women of all ages with hair loss issues.

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