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One Investments Global Dubai
May 8, 2018

One Investments Global Discusses Dubai Growth and Opportunities

One Investments Global is a London-based property investment company that operates across four different continents. The company’s most notable developments, however, are located in Dubai, London, and Pakistan. After many years of experience, their portfolio currently holds more than 50 successful development projects. The clients that One Investments Global serve are individuals looking to make property investments around the world. Generally, these are people who have previous experience, know the industry well, and dislike boundaries. Hence why the company does all of the work while the customers get to enjoy the results.

One Investments Global aims to become a market leader for various countries around the world. They do this by providing customers with opportunities for residual income that are second to none. The entire process is security-oriented as One Investments Global only partners with credible entities. Additionally, all levels of risk are available, and every investor should be able to find something that fits their criteria. On-going advising and constant feedback are available to ensure that clients have the tools for success.

One Investments Global currently holds regional offices in Dubai. Can you elaborate on some opportunities in this area and how Dubai’s market evolved over the years?

Our offices in Dubai focus on delivering property opportunities to those interested in this city. Generally speaking, demand for this region is always excellent. I would even go as far as to say that Dubai is the most constant inquiry of our clients, and rightly so. The city is one of the fastest-growing areas in this continent. People are moving here to enjoy innovative construction, join drilling ventures, start their businesses, and more. In fact, Dubai is currently one of the world’s most attractive destinations for an experienced entrepreneur.

Since you opened your offices in Dubai, did things change within the region?

Absolutely. Things change all the time due to fluctuations in the market, and we pick up on these when we are making profitable real estate decisions. Interestingly, the expansion of the local market seems to be tied to international climates. Meaning, when there are crashes in some large foreign economies, Dubai experiences a downturn as well. Unfortunately, that is one of the consequences of working with enormous markets from around the world.

Are there other worldwide trends that might impact the company?

Certainly. The result of the Brexit referendum that took place in May 2016 will have far-reaching consequences. Leaving the European Union (EU) will not only affect the UK, as historically we have been one of the most instrumental members of the European Union. After the UK leaves, many countries will have to rewrite trade arrangements and previous treaties. Consequently, foreign investors might suffer, so we’re ensuring that we work hard to advise people on how to approach the issue. One of the most important things is to let everyone know that their capital is safe. Even with market downturns, the long-term result has always been positive.

What is it that British investors find so interesting about Dubai?

Firstly, UK investors are looking for markets where there are strong capital appreciation and a good return on their investment. Dubai far supersedes the current UK property market regarding appreciation and return.

Our customers also like the fact that they can invest in Dubai through a British company. They trust that we’ll do the best for them and that they can come to us with queries and concerns.

It also helps that Dubai is sunny most of the time (unlike the UK) and has favorable tax policy and a fair exchange rate.

What do your clients like about your company the most?

I believe that the word “simplicity” came up in a lot of follow-up surveys and formal feedback letters. We do our best to walk investors through the process. Regardless of their experience, we teach them everything from scratch. Doing so helps them navigate our resources. Also, it ensures that we provide enough transparency and investors know how their money is used. So, it seems that our clients mostly appreciate the effortless process. After all, spending money should not be complicated.

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