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Why Nash Frame Design Believes Art Improves The Feel of a Home

December 1, 2018

You may believe that customizing your home ends with furniture, floor coverings, and window treatments. With bare walls, your home is missing a personal touch. Art on the walls gives your visitors a sense of who you are as a person and as a family. It brings your family inspiration, and it brings culture to your living space.

Nash Frame Design explores how you and your family can benefit from filling your home with works of art.

Art Brings the World Inside

When you hang art on your walls, you can take your family and your visitors on a journey around the world. Whether you are inspired by your personal travels or by an affinity with a special place, you can foster a spirit of exploration in your family. Landscapes bring us there in our imagination, and structural studies bring precision and detail to our walls. Art reminds us to keep our dreams alive.

It Provides a Human Touch

So much of what we have in our homes is mass-produced. While we may be able to express ourselves through the arrangement of these items, we are missing the essential human spirit if we do not include artwork. An original artwork brings the artist home with you. You can observe the brush strokes and imagine what it felt like to work on the piece. Having something on your wall that is the pure expression of the human spirit brings soul to your living space.

It Tells a Story

If you have met the artist, you might know about his or her inspirations or about the story they were trying to express on paper or canvas. If not, you can imagine a story for yourself. Having a narrative in mind when you see your artwork brings it special personal meaning. Historical artworks can be interpreted as stories as well.

Art Encourages Discussion

Whether you have a provocative piece or a calmer artwork on your wall, it can spur discussions between friends and family. Art encourages people to express themselves in words. Fascinating conversations can be started by looking at a piece of art.

It Prompts an Emotional Response

Art can inspire powerful emotions. People are wired to connect visual scenes with deep feelings. Whether you want to cheer yourself up after a difficult day or inspire yourself with the drive to succeed, you can find inspiration in art.

It Encourages Children

Art is especially important if you have children in the home. Growing up with art on the walls brings them a unique perspective on life. Perhaps your child will want to express himself or herself through art as well. You may have the joy of hanging one of your child’s works of art on the wall beside the works you purchased.

Art Helps us Take Risks

When you choose to present a piece of art on your walls, you are opening yourself up to criticism. This can be a difficult moment if your art is controversial. Being brave about showing what is in your mind and heart will add to your experience as a human being.

It Shows Your Inner Thoughts

When you hang a piece of art, you are expressing something from within yourself. Showing parts of your life, from your travels, and works that have inspired you personally let others see you as a complete human being. Even if you don’t regularly have people in your home other than family, you will feel good when you know that you have made your mark on your home.

Don’t Neglect Art when Decorating Your Home

Art is a vital part of the excellent home. When you choose to share artworks in your living space, you will encourage the emotional, social, intellectual, and expressive elements of your life. A high-quality custom framing shop like Nash Frame Design can help you choose and present the best possible artworks for your home.

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