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Naseem Salem Explains How to Increase Workers’ Productivity with Mobile Apps

Facilitating a productive environment is what can determine how far someone’s business makes it. In other words, entrepreneurs who are capable of incentivizing their workers to accomplish their tasks are bound to reach longevity. The problem, however, is the fact that many individuals struggle in this area as they may not have the proper leadership qualities. To them, motivating others to work as hard as possible is borderline impossible to do.

Fortunately, the advancements made in technology are spread across every field in the world. Thus, people who may need assistance with their leadership and accountability efforts can easily find some piece of technology that can be used. In fact, saying that one can find simple phone apps that help improve productivity is not a far-reaching statement. Examples include everything from software like Todoist, which allows the creation of interactive to-do lists, to team management apps like Monday.

Note-Taking Apps

An ancient saying that claims how a “smart man writes while a fool remembers” has a lot of applicability in the real world. Although people who prefer to remember things are not fools by any stretch of the word, writing things down is undoubtedly going to make one’s life easier. Thus, businesses often rely on note-taking apps that will permit their workers to jot down whatever might be happening and is pertinent to their tasks.

– Google Keep

Google’s solution to note-taking issues is called Keep. It is a multi-platform service that makes it extremely easy to take notes, add images, and even incorporate audio. Users can download it on any device that operates on the iOS or Android platform. In other words, almost everyone in the market is eligible to own this app.

– Evernote

Another great app that was built with the intention of offering an advanced note-taking software is Evernote. Over time, however, this app morphed into much more, and people can now also use it for to-do lists, archiving, and much more.


Even though businesses can gain a lot by relying on note-taking apps, they may need more than that. According to a developer who has a lot of business experience, Naseem Salem, the most popular apps are the ones that offer versatility. Enter Monday!

Monday is one of the most successful platforms for managing a team of workers who may be operating remotely. It is currently utilized by over 36,000 teams which range from workers on Fiverr to employees at the Discovery Channel. The app itself is designed to offer a simple interface that makes the onboarding process as easy as signing up through the e-mail link.

Moreover, the customizability is hard to beat as employers can make the app serve any of their particular needs. This is done through tools like unique workflows, state-of-the-art features, and half a dozen different views that make operations easier.

Planners and Organization-Based Apps

After finding a perfect app that helps manage a team, one will have to offer their workers a way to organize themselves. Naseem Salem advises that this is where online planners can come in handy. What works even better, however, are phone apps like Todoist. With simple and accessible interfaces, these platforms are built to help people accomplish all of their daily obligations.

Thus, in the case of Todoist, one can enter all of their upcoming assignments on a computer, and they will automatically sync to every device. Additionally, a plethora of widgets and functions that allow people to improve their organization is what helped the app achieve an outstanding track record.

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