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Nando Caporicci Discusses Raising a Child With Autism

Nando Caporicci is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin expert that works in the tech sector. He graduated in 1994 from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. After entering the workforce, he primarily worked in the business field. To that end, he also pursued an MBA degree in 1998 from the City University of Seattle.

Although Nando Caporicci wanted to do marketing and stay in business-related ventures, he soon became interested in technology. Given that this took place when the internet barely existed, he joined the movement very early. Nando Caporicci further worked as a sole proprietor and currently builds mining rigs for Bitcoin. Also, he recently founded Olitris Technologies, named after his two children, Olivia and Tristan. The company still in its early development stages.

As a dad raising a child with Autism, what are some of the common challenges that present themselves?

In my opinion, not knowing what to expect is probably the hardest part of it. One day, your child may be perfectly fine, and you do not even notice that they have a mind-boggling condition. Then, however, there are times when all the symptoms come out simultaneously. When that happens, it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially for new parents that are still trying to adjust, the lack of predictability can be devastating.

How do you overcome daily challenges that your family faces?

Well, we do not really see them as challenges. When a child is suffering from Autism, they have to figure out how to lead a fruitful life. As a family, all that people can do is help them on this journey. Thus, we embrace the idea that we are on a wonderful journey where we aid those that we love.

Did raising a child with Autism affect your work-life balance?

Absolutely. Although raising children generally requires a lot of time, battling Autism requires even more. When we first received the diagnosis, we came up with a clear-cut schedule. After some trial and error, we finalized all of our daily agendas and developed a blueprint that works. Now, we stick by that blueprint and do our best to succeed both as professionals and as a family.

Do you think that there is a lack of resources provided by the society for individuals with Autism?

It somewhat depends on the region in question. Certain cities definitely need to be more inclusive. Those, however, are usually smaller places with insignificant population sizes. Large metropolitan areas usually offer a wide variety of resources that help battle Autism. These typically include everything from custom-made toys to professional counseling programs that facilitate development.

How should someone approach an individual diagnosed with Autism?

I wish I could answer that question! In reality, Autism’s real name is Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is because there is an entire spectrum of symptoms that could exist depending on the severity of one’s condition. I once heard the following saying, “when you meet one person with Autism, you only met one person with Autism.”

In translation, it states that no two people with this condition will be the same. It is a developmental disorder that affects everyone differently. So, I am afraid that I cannot think of a universal way to approach every Autism-affected person.

How long did it take you to learn the behavioral patterns of your child?

Well, I will let you know as soon as I am done. In fact, our entire family is still untwisting and closely monitoring all behavioral patterns. This is because a child with Autism often changes as they grow. What might be true about their mental state today could be far from the truth next year. Therefore, the best way to stay current and understand one’s needs is to observe them constantly.

Do you have any advice for new parents who are raising a child with Autism?

See this as a wonderful opportunity to help someone lead a great life. Regardless of how severe the condition is, there are ways to manage the symptoms. All one has to do is apply themselves and be ready to learn continually. Eventually, all the adversity will start to feel normal.

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