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Moving APT Summarizes Why It Is Important to Hire Professionals for Long-Distance Moving

The United States Census Bureau recently reported that the number of Americans moving is historically low. In 2016, that figure amounted to 11.2 percent of the population. So, 36 million people moved to a new home during that time. And although these figures are lower than what they used to be over the past few decades, having 36 million relocations is still more than most countries have annually.

Given the number of those who move, it comes as no surprise that there is an entire industry dedicated to helping people with their relocations. For those unfamiliar, these are the organizations who specialize in packing, loading, transporting, and unloading of people’s possessions. Although it sounds somewhat simple, moving can be a nightmarish experience for individuals who have never experienced the venture before. Additionally, this is particularly true for cross-country moving where people may be going from coast to coast. So, why should those look to consider hiring a moving crew like the ones at Moving APT?

It Is a Labor-Intensive Process

Moving means that one must take their entire home from its current location to somewhere else as efficiently as possible. Well, expectedly, there will be a ton of labor that must go into the process. Just consider, for instance, how long it may take to disassemble all of the furniture, pack everything into boxes, and dispose of the garbage left behind. Although an actual forecast of the time that this requires is heavily influenced by the size of the home, it is not uncommon to spend north of a month simply packing things up.

According to Moving APT, an organization that works as a moving broker for interstate companies, an experienced crew will be able to complete this part of the venture in less than 10 percent of the time it would take someone who does it themselves. Why? Because they will come in with a group of people who can divide the labor evenly and conquer it efficiently. Additionally, the fact that they have prior experience will let them sidestep common mistakes such as over- or under-packing the boxes, improperly loading them on the truck, hazardously taking down any furniture, and more.

Regulation of Transportation

When going to another state or cross-country, people will have to spend quite a few hours on the road. To minimize the number of trips that they must take, most of them will often rent large-size trucks that can fit all of their belongings. Well, besides the fact that it may be difficult to drive a truck when one has no prior experience, the traffic in this sector is heavily regulated. For instance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not allow people to drive more than 11 consecutive hours in 14 hours. Additionally, that timeframe is only applicable to those who had an off-duty period of 10 hours or more.

So, you are technically limited in how much ground you can cover. In other words, you will have to plan every single minute of your trip beforehand to meet your deadline. Moving APT explains that for moving companies, this entire process is second nature as they do it daily. In other words, they probably have dozens of driver logs under their belt and understand how to plan an efficient trip.

Considering the Overhead Costs

The reason why a lot of people do not hire moving crews for their cross-country relocations is that they believe it is a money-saving strategy. In reality, however, one may end up spending more money doing everything themselves than they would have with a professional team. Why? Because there is a great deal of hidden overhead that will require people to spend cash that they may not have planned for. For instance, most homeowners are well aware of the expenses that come with renting a truck, paying for gas, buying the boxes, and so on. Quite a few of them, however, fail to consider the cost of road tolls, parking fees, additional supplies, meals while traveling, and miscellaneous tools. Not to mention the high cost of any traffic citations one may receive for not knowing the rules of driving a large vehicle or replacement costs for things that break along the way.

By hiring a moving company, as Moving APT points out, all of these expenses are replaced with a single cost that the provider charges. Not to mention that the owner would be paying for insurance on all of their items as the moving crew will be held responsible for breaking anything. So, if there is an unfortunate scenario in which a lot of items are damaged, the company will usually reimburse the owner at an above-the-market-price rate. That means that one is essentially paying for peace of mind!

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