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Morais Dicks
March 25, 2018

Morais Dicks on Entrepreneurial Spirit

Morais Dicks is a real estate investor from Valley Stream, New York. Having watched his father achieve success with the family engineering company, he became interested in the field of entrepreneurship at an early age. A father of three, Morais is a seasoned real estate investor. He strives to exemplify how it pays off to take risks and to remain persistent in the face of doubt. Morais Dicks credits his success to a solid education, support from his close family and friends, and a never-ending belief in himself. While he owns six corporations and manages an additional five, his current primary focus is with Progressive Global Network Corporation, a privately held real estate investment and advisory firm.

How did you become interested in pursuing a future as an entrepreneur?

In my formative years, my father was my primary source of inspiration. He was an owner of a good-sized company which provided engineering services. My mother helped him with the business while also raising my siblings and I, an incredible feat considering there were 11 of us! I made my first steps in trade when I was 12 years old, buying candy at wholesale prices and reselling them to children in the neighborhood for double the price.

What contributed to your success in your professional and personal life?

Moving to Miami from Kingston was a challenge but one I overcame it, I embraced it. I face every problem in my life with the same resolve – to believe every obstacle you overcome is adding another source of strength. These early lessons in my life, combined with the determination and entrepreneurial spirit I inherited from my father, is what I contribute my successes to.

Could you describe one of your usual days for us?

Currently, my daily activities revolve around Progressive Global Network Corporation which is a real estate investment company. Our firm specializes in the investment of distressed properties and develops real estate for its own account, joint ventures with others, while also providing strategic advice to distressed homeowners and investors alike. We are trying to seize this opportunity because many others are afraid to operate in this sector as it is relatively volatile. In cooperation with local partners, our policy is to concentrate on providing detailed analysis and risk management for our clients on their properties. When I am not working, I love spending time with my family. My three children are my biggest inspiration, and they keep me moving forward. I always used to wonder how my parents were able to have so many children but, as soon as I became a father myself, I realized that being a father is the most rewarding title in the world.

What are your primary goals in business?

I am not someone who likes to focus on simply one idea as I prefer versatility. Today, my companies cover areas such as the real estate market, medical field, and consulting services all over the United States. I live by the saying “experience taught is better than the experience bought“ and I aspire to create connections between people in ways that will enable significant changes for the better in the business industry.

What advice would you give to someone starting a career in business?

Education is essential as a starting point for everything that you plan to do in the future. The time that I spent in school, and by extension, in pursuit of knowledge, provided me with an entirely new perspective on my abilities, desires, and ideas. One of the most important lessons that I learned over the course of my career is to try multiple areas until you find something that suits your skill set. You would not believe how many people settle for a pay cut because they are too scared to step out of their comfort zones.

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