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Monster Castings on The Impact of Social Media on the Entertainment Industry

October 25, 2018

Besides connecting people, social media has been the catalyst for countless changes in nearly every industry. For instance, almost all businesses rely on it for seamless marketing. Also, people from all over the world are using it for content-sharing purposes and brand awareness campaigns. Not to mention its power when it comes to establishing and portraying innumerable trends in the market.

Given how widespread the effects of social media are, it is expected to find it in the spheres of entertainment. In fact, one could argue that this entire industry is slowly becoming dependent on social media. So, what are some of how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are defining the entertainment world?

Content Streaming

In the past, every movie and TV show would follow a specific blueprint to secure success and be profitable. First, it would go through a large-scale release in the movie theaters or prime-time channels. After a few months, the creators would continue capitalizing on it by offering DVDs. Ultimately, it would start playing on regular channels a few years after its release via syndication.

Nowadays, the release process has been revolutionized. Although many movies and TV shows still follow the pattern mentioned above, content streaming has led to many changes. First, production agencies now rely on networks like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime to bring their creation to the viewers.

Consider, for instance, the overlap between Marvel and Netflix that facilitated the creation of TV shows like Daredevil, Punisher, and Defenders. Well, social media is singlehandedly the main contributor to the success of these projects.

Absent video advertising on YouTube, trending topics on Twitter, and viral videos on Facebook, most content streaming platforms would not exist. Fortunately, the growth of social media and unprecedented ownership of smart devices facilitates better viewership rates.

The Feedback Loop

Social media is further allowing those in charge of the entertainment industry to obtain cheap feedback. According to a casting agency for reality TV, Monster Castings, located in Toronto, Ontario, ratings are the leading factor when it comes to the project’s longevity. In other words, TV shows or movies that are not positively reviewed carry the risk of getting terminated. This is because the viewership is directly related to how high the ratings are.

Well, in the past, obtaining in-depth feedback was extremely difficult and expensive. First, providers would have to figure out a way to contact those who watched their content. Then, analyzing the data without modern resources was much more time-consuming.

Nowadays, however, the entertainment industry is thriving by simply looking at the social media reactions. Doing so helps connect with a warm audience that has already been categorized by their active interests. As Monster Castings puts it, this approach leads to a better consumer understanding and higher conversion rates.

Maintaining an Active Fan Base

For professionals who work in the entertainment industry, having a supportive fan base could lead to more opportunities. Just think about the number of internet stars that became famous on the short-video platform called Vine. Although Vine no longer exists, many of these individuals now have music label deals, thriving channels on other platforms, and movie contracts. Arguably, one of the main reasons for their success is the fact that they are followed by millions of people across their social media. Thus, recruiting them for any project will instantly raise the awareness for that venture.

Also, another power of social media revolves around its ability to connect the performers from the entertainment industry with their fans. After all, most celebrities rely on the online world to express their opinions and communicate with their fans. Monster Castings states that this allows them to seem more approachable which, in turn, makes the entire entertainment industry even more appealing.

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