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Meredith Stevens of Miss Bongo Discusses Digital Design

As the VP for Digital Design for Miss Bongo, Meredith Stevens spends her summers in Santa Monica, California and her winters in Bondi Beach, Australia. Stevens is a talented graphic designer who brings the character Miss Bongo Prix to life with her fun and quirky artistic style. Stevens supervises a team of graphic artists who provide all aspects of the Miss Bongo Avis texting service with their stylistic flair.

Miss Bongo Prix is a premium SMS texting service that provides fun and entertainment to its users. The service is available in France, Australia, and the UK, among other countries. When customers send a text to the designated number along with their name and city, the service sends them a fascinating digital snapshot of their lives. Customers are amazed by the information that Miss Bongo Avis has about themselves and their friends. Customers also receive collectible digital stickers called “perso” with their messages. Customers love to compare these stickers with their friends. The system also has custom emojis that make texting fun.

Meredith Stevens speaks five languages: English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Being fluent in these languages enables her to deal directly with the staff in her multinational company. Her leadership has enabled the company to succeed in the SMS market.

When she is not working, Stevens enjoys a healthy lifestyle. She loves yoga, surfing, and kayaking. She frequently travels for pleasure, visiting such diverse locations as South Africa and Italy. Meredith Stevens is a name to watch out for in the world of technology.

What team-bonding activities does your company do?

We often hold company trivia nights. Having a friendly competition with your coworkers is fun. We also have team retreats where we spend time brainstorming new ideas for Miss Bongo. The retreats aren’t all business. I have taken my coworkers on guided kayak tours around Bondi Beach. Being able to share my interests with my coworkers is fun.

How do you fight off the competition and new companies in your market?

Our service has a strong foothold in the countries we serve. Keeping on top of the competition is always necessary. We market our services on social media and through online advertising. On social media, we present a fun and irreverent online presence that makes our customers comfortable with using our services. Our online advertising gives customers a taste of the unique designs they will enjoy while using our service.

Would you ever consider expanding to the West Coast?

I live in Santa Monica for half of the year, so we already have a West Coast presence. While our texting service isn’t yet available in the United States, our mobile app provides American customers with a similar experience. I am an Australian native, but I love living in California. It has a special atmosphere that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Can you talk about one challenge that you faced in the last 12 months?

My work is always challenging, but I thrive on pressure. A few months ago, we set a short deadline for a new set of graphics for the service. We all had to work extra hours to achieve our goal. I needed to encourage my staff to keep up their hard work while getting my assignments done at the same time.

What does the future hold for your company?

I would love to see our texting service expand to the United States. It’s difficult to navigate the different regulations placed on texting services by each country. In my work, I hope to continue creating amazing new content for our users to enjoy. I foresee growth in our customer numbers thanks to our innovation.

Do you think you will remain in your current position for the foreseeable future?

I believe that I will. I’ve worked for this company for a long time, and I feel like I have risen to a respected position of authority. I enjoy working with my team of graphic designers. My job has a nice balance of artistic work and administrative tasks. I’m never bored.

Can you give us a brief overview of your education?

I have a degree in graphic design from a university in Sydney. While I was at university, I took many classes in studio art. I honed my skills in drawing and painting. My experience with traditional artistic methods brings depth to my digital work.

What are some of your day-to-day duties?

I divide my time between graphic design and managing my workgroup. When I’m designing new content, I frequently share ideas and information with my staff. I believe in the power of collaboration. When it comes to personnel management, I make sure that all of my designers are working up to their potential. We have a fast-paced workplace, and sometimes people need encouragement.

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