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The inspiring story of a mentor, executive producer, entrepreneur and founder and CEO of My Patriot Supply, Matt Redhawk is one to highlight. My Patriot Supply is a business built from the ground up and a project he is most known for. The company is highly respected and regarded as an unbeatable leader in producing and providing high-quality emergency preparedness and survival materials. Over the years, Redhawk gained plenty of experience in entrepreneurship and various industries, which he spreads through mentoring. Redhawk pushes the limits of his abilities from writing and producing two films to writing a book about survival during the great depression.

Even as a successful author, his accomplishments have gotten him noticed that he makes it a point to upcoming mentor entrepreneurs. He expands on entrepreneurship topics he finds critical to entrepreneurship, which includes: team building, social networks, marketing, public speaking and more. His plethora of ideas and knowledge attracts young entrepreneurs looking to learn and tap into his expertise. We will learn a bit more about him and his accomplishments.

How do you fight off the competition and new companies in your market?

In my company, we try not to focus too much on newcomers and competition. We don’t have control over the market, we only have control over our company, so we do our best to stay on top. We won’t offer our customers sub-par products because it’s best to present the best from the very beginning. This gains customers’ trust and builds a strong brand that competitors can’t match up to.

Would you ever consider expanding to the West Coast?

I would consider expanding into the west coast if I felt it was a necessary and beneficial move for the company. Currently, I feel our location works great for the type of business we operate because we are experiencing tremendously consistent results. We have also been growing at an alarming rate, and the direction is promising. If an important opportunity to expand and scale into the west coast arises, we’re absolutely open to considering it.

Can you talk about one challenge that you faced in the last 12 months?

A challenge I faced in the last 12 months is not meeting a deadline to produce a specific set of products. Taking on big orders is great for business, but this time, production wasn’t prepared for such a gear shift. We overcame it by being transparent with the client, being apologetic about mistakes and inconveniences and assured them we were doing our best to have the products out as soon as possible.

What does the future hold for your company?

I’m very proud of how far My Patriot Supply has come, but I’m always in search of improvements. We hope to improve the quality of our products for even better customer satisfaction and eventually penetrate the international market. We’ve always considered going international, but we are hoping to make that goal a reality with just a few more changes and necessary steps.

Are you changing your marketing approach as you expand into new markets?

As we expand into new international markets, we do intend on changing our marketing approach to better fit the market. The approach we will take depends on what market we enter, but different markets have different needs. Our marketing team and executives will determine the best and most ideal approach for the new market.

Do you think you will remain in your current position for the foreseeable future?

I do believe I will continue remaining CEO of the company because it has been a great fit thus far. I launched the company years ago, and it’s been a roller-coaster of experience to grow alongside the company and our team. I plan to remain in my position for years to come and hopefully pass it along to my children or family. The company, my position and I are such a great fit, I don’t see it being any other way.

What made you start My Patriot Supply?

As the founder and CEO of the company, I decided to launch My Patriot Supply because of my past experiences of being unprepared in times of emergency. It’s one of the worst feelings to be unprepared and without the proper tools and materials when your life potentially depends on it. I want to be known as the Matt Redhawk who prepared individuals to be confident in being self-sustaining when most necessary.

What is your advice for an aspiring entrepreneur?

My advice for an aspiring entrepreneur is to remain consistent and realize you get better at it. At the moment, it’s easy to get bogged down when feeling lost or learning how to navigate a certain aspect of the business. A significant part of being an entrepreneur is continuously learning, so the best to patiently give it time. It might not get easier, but you get better.

Being an entrepreneur is harder on some than others, but Matt Redhawk has learned so much along the way and is mentoring others. His many experiences qualify him to teach and pass a torch of entrepreneurship to potentially new entrepreneurs. This has outlined some of his best business practices adoptable by others.

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