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Marianne Cohan D.D.S. Discusses Why Dental Health Is Important

Having a beautiful smile is something that many people take for granted. After all, people normally do not realize how important their dental health is until they run into problems. For instance, try to remember the last time that you stopped and considered your dental health when there wasn’t a looming issue. Odds are, like most people, you only stop to consider your dental health when there is something causing discomfort.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of public reminders that emphasize the importance of oral hygiene. For example, the number of celebrities that are now promoting products for dental health is higher than ever. And rightly so. So, what are some of the most obvious reasons why people would want to keep up with the state of their teeth?

More Confidence

Although it may seem like a far-reaching statement, saying that dental health gives one a boost in confidence is not false. The reason why is quite obvious, and it boils down to the fact that they are not going to be hyperaware of every smile. Instead, having beautiful teeth will make one much more likely to show them to the world by smiling at every chance that they get. This leads to a more relaxed state of mind where the person is not overthinking every situation due to underlying insecurities. So, improving one’s dental health can be a very beneficial boost in confidence.

Better Overall Health

One of the most important reasons why anyone would want to have better dental health is the fact that it is directly related to their overall health. For example, according to Marianne Cohan DDS from Summerlin Dental Solutions, losing control of one’s oral bacteria could adversely affect the rest of the body. This happens when the patient breathes in bacteria that can then cause issues in their lungs and lead to breathing complications. Similarly, the bacteria could travel to other parts of the body and trigger a response from the immune system. This also makes any potential cuts in the mouth a risky proposition, as the bacteria could then enter the bloodstream and lead to a much more serious condition. In the end, the consequences may go as far as death in some of the most extreme scenarios.

Helps Develop Good Habits

As most dentists have by now discovered, the root cause of most dental issues is poor hygiene. In most cases, this is quite true as there are people who are just not aware of the fact that they may not be brushing their teeth often enough. To combat this issue, Marianne Cohan DDS advises all her patients at Summerlin Dental Solutions to turn to brush their teeth into a mandatory habit. Why? Well, having a routine has been a time-tested strategy that can lead people to succeed in all areas of life. Similarly, getting used to keeping one’s mouth clean is a habit that can contribute to the overall betterment of their life.

Save Money

Most people begin taking topics seriously once dollar figures are introduced. Due to this, it is crucial to realize that not having good dental health is going to be extremely expensive. How so? Well, visiting a dentist is frequently accompanied by costly treatments and interventions when the patient does not proactively protect their oral health. Some of these procedures can balloon to thousands of dollars depending on how complicated the situation is.

Additionally, having to undergo prolonged treatment could keep the person out of commission and unable to earn their money. At that point, they must begin thinking about all the lost funds that they will not be able to recover. So, if better health and more confidence are not enough to motivate one to have excellent mouth hygiene, maybe the notion of losing money will!

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