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Marc Zboh Explains Ways To Best Contribute To Charities And Missionary Work

Missionaries are active worldwide, bringing much-needed services to disadvantaged people and those from developing countries. The work of missionary centers spreading the word about their religious beliefs and encouraging others to follow them as well.

Through charity and good works, a successful missionary serves the people and their faith at the same time. Marc Zboch explains the 12 best ways for people to contribute to charities and missionary work.

Donate Your Time

In many cases, donating your time to a charitable cause is just as valuable as donating money. Many charitable organizations and religious groups need volunteers to keep serving the people.

For example, soup kitchens and food pantries are two types of charitable organizations that are often in need of help. If you want to help these organizations, you can work directly with their clients or behind the scenes in an administrative position.

Volunteer for Youth Organizations

Youth organizations like sports and Scouts also need volunteers. If you are willing to undertake a background check and training, you could work directly with children in need of adult guidance.

Give Blood

In the United States, 36,000 units of blood are needed each day to help victims of accidents and illness. Unfortunately, only 3 percent of the age-eligible American population donates blood. If you are healthy, consider making a blood donation regularly.

Work in a Church

One excellent way to give back to the community is by working in a church as a volunteer. Your family place of worship probably needs help with administrative tasks, serving food and cleaning up, and running essential programs like vacation Bible school and mission trips.

Encouraging young people to travel on mission trips is key to extending your church’s message. These mission trips within the country or abroad can teach young people to be thankful for their blessings and use their talents for the common good.

Interacting with young church members in a mission trip setting is also an excellent way to encourage young people around the world to share their religious beliefs.

Donate Goods

Even if you cannot donate money directly, you can donate goods to various charitable organizations. Churches and volunteer groups often collect clothing, household items, shoes, and toys to be donated to the less fortunate or sold in charity fundraisers.

Donate Money

Many charities and religious organizations are in dire need of funding. In some cases, donating only a small amount can make a significant impact on people’s lives in less fortunate areas. Whether your donation is big or small, you can feel good about your giving.

Churches often suggest that 10 percent of your annual income be donated as a tithe. While this is an unreachable goal for some people, it is worth keeping in mind when planning your charitable giving.

Become a Missionary

If you are financially able and can take time away from your career, missionaries are always needed. Missionaries travel to areas around the world that need help. They can also spread the word about their religious beliefs and perhaps help add members to their religion.

Traveling to disadvantaged areas like Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa can help the local population. Missionaries are often responsible for religious education as well as projects to build infrastructure and make sure that the population is healthy.

Organize Charitable Events

People with strong organizational skills are always needed to create and run charitable events. From charity walks to yard sales, there are dozens of events that can help to raise funds for the less fortunate. Church festivals and dinners are also included. If you can donate your time to these organizations, your contributions will be welcomed.

Promote Charities Online

Many charities and religious groups need help with their online presence. Marketing a group is no different from marketing a business, so if you have skills in this area, they will be appreciated. From social media to search engine results, promoting a charity online can be complicated. An organization’s image online can lead to success or failure. Experienced help will assist with your charity’s mission.

Encourage Your Employer to Donate

Many employers have charitable match programs where they donate money to deserving organizations. If your employer does not have this program, encourage them to do so. You can also lead your company toward engaging in charitable events on their own.

Company sponsorships are valuable to charities, and they help to fund some of their most important activities.

Make Provisions in Your Will

If you want your money to make a lasting difference in the world, it is worthwhile to consider donating from your estate. These types of gifts are much sought-after and would cement your status as a high-value donor or volunteer. You would then have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift would help people long after you were gone.

Make Sure You Are Donating Wisely

While most charities are above-board, some may misuse funds or neglect to give back to the less fortunate. For this reason, it is crucial to check your charity of choice against the lists kept by Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and other sources.

These websites can offer a window into how the organization spends its money and whether the bulk of their funds are going directly into programs that benefit the needy. It is especially important to check on international organizations’ activities since you may not be able to see their work for yourself.

Giving Back for the Common Good

When you become involved with charities and mission work, you can feel good about your contribution to the world. Whether you are working for a charity in a foreign country or close to home, the less fortunate need the help you provide. Giving back is also a source of personal joy and satisfaction.

Marc Zboch reminds readers that giving is a higher calling and that needy people worldwide are waiting for your help. 

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