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Maplewood Country Day Camp Outlines a Typical Day at Camp

Maplewood Country Day Camp is a private camp for boys and girls ages 3 to 14. Located in South Easton, Massachusetts, the camp features a wide variety of fun activities including swimming, sports, horseback riding, karate, dance, gymnastics, and rock climbing. Maplewood has something for every child to enjoy. Parents can rest assured that their children are in excellent hands with fully trained counselors who are ready to handle any issues that they come across.

Children are encouraged to try a variety of activities and to make friends. A typical day at camp varies by a child’s age, but here is a sample of awesome activities that children enjoy throughout the day.

Every day at Maplewood begins with Round-Up. Campers and counselors get together to start the day with singing and dancing. Children will learn a variety of new and traditional camp songs and cheers.

The day continues with swimming instruction. The camp has two heated pools and many qualified swim instructors and lifeguards. The shyest children will be encouraged to do their best in the pool with 1 to 1 instruction. Swim instruction is a backbone of Maplewood life. Water safety is paramount.

Young swimmers are taught basic strokes like the crawl, backstroke, and butterfly. Swim instruction is customized to each child’s level, and all children will find a place to shine.

Sports, dance, boating, gymnastics, bumper boats, beach volleyball, drama, and music, among other activities, rotate throughout the week to keep children interested. Children will be able to build skills at Maplewood, setting up the possibilities for further study at school or on their own.

They may have opportunities to build sports skills, play laser tag, or capture the flag. Each day brings its own slate of fun and educational activities, arranged in an age-appropriate manner. As children grow older, they can take advantage of such high-excitement activities as rock climbing and the ropes course.

Campers enjoy a lunch brought from home and then return to their fun activities.

The next activity on the Maplewood schedule is Club Day. Club Day includes such fun topics as puppet making, nature, astronomy, Lego robotics, yoga, magic, gardening, and fishing, among others. All of the special Club Day activities are available to children in grades 1 through 7.

Eighth- and ninth graders can enjoy Maplewood’s activities through the Counselor in Training program. CITs spend time working with children in a supervised environment and then receive feedback on their instruction. This can prepare a teen for employment at Maplewood or on another day or overnight camp.

On Fridays, the whole camp gets together for special events. The Penny Dive, Carnival, Gold Rush, Scavenger Hunt, and Backwards Day get everyone engaged in camp-wide activities. Children of all ages can share these experiences with their friends.

In addition to the half-hour swim lesson time each day, children are offered a 1-hour free swim each afternoon. This helps children wind down and gives them a positive way to end the day.

The day concludes with Pow Wow, where the campers get together with counselors and camp directors to share their favorite things about the day and to sing songs and play games. Children leave Maplewood ready to get a good night’s rest at home and come back fully energized for the next day.

Sandy and Hal, the founders, are excited to welcome new children to Maplewood Country Day Camp. No matter where a child’s interests lie, they will be able to find something they truly enjoy. Getting outdoors to play is a must in this world, which is overly concerned with electronics. Maplewood provides children with an excellent opportunity to get away from screens and experience life as it was meant to be lived.

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