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Denis Mackenzie
September 4, 2018

The Many Hats of Denis Mackenzie

Achieving success in one’s field is often synonymous with prosperity. For example, accountants and lawyers usually aim to become partners at their firms. This is because such an achievement is considered the crowning of their efforts and hard work. Sometimes, however, being triumphant in a single field may limit the person’s focus. Just think about the hours required to be promoted to an accounting or law partner, per se. Therefore, it may be more note-worthy to operate as a well-rounded individual who is thriving in many different areas. Enter Denis Mackenzie.


Mr. Mackenzie is a chief operating officer working for an international marketing company. Given the high-skill, high-impact nature of this position, it is fair to say that he is already successful in his field. Nevertheless, his COO job is only one of the many different ventures he is involved in. For instance, he also frequently travels, runs a popular winery, donates to his community, and organizes charitable events. Thus, he unequivocally mastered the versatility-based approach to life. So, what exactly is it that stands out on Mr. Mackenzie’s resume?

A Seasoned Traveler

Although people seldom think of traveling as a skill, it is undoubtedly one worth having. This is because not everyone can adapt to new and unexplored territories. It takes a special type of resilience and durability to conquer foreign grounds. Well, Denis Mackenzie developed this skill at an early age. He began his traveling career before going to college, and it took him all over Europe. While there, he added culture intelligence and understanding to his area of expertise as he interacted with various societies.

Wining Ventures

Many people can label themselves connoisseurs when it comes to fine dining. A few, however, can truly be considered wine experts. This is because it takes a long time to learn everything that makes one an expert in the field. Denis Mackenzie happens to be a recognized specialist who understands the world of wine thoroughly. Unlike his traveling, the passion for wine did not become a part of his life until his 40s. At that point, he slowly entered the industry and got involved by purchasing popular wine choices. Now, he is in charge of a winery popular enough to be listed as a national landmark.

Business Knowledge

Of course, running a winery comes with the territory. Generally, that territory includes the necessary business concepts that one must know to be a successful entrepreneur. For Mr. Mackenzie, this meant learning how to position his winery and attract customers. Thus, he spent many years learning from popular wine locations that he visited in Europe and Australia. Then, he comprised this knowledge into a set of experiences and used it to his advantage. Currently, his winery is placed very close to multiple large cities where, courtesy of his marketing efforts, customers regularly visit.

Organizational Skills

In the past, Denis Mackenzie has organized a lot of different charitable events. Even though it may seem like a winery would be enough, running such projects requires superior organizational skills. Meaning, the person in charge has to be familiar with the area, comprehend the visitors, and promote the cause effectively. Given all the sip-and-paint and wine-tasting gatherings he hosted, it is fair to say that Denis Mackenzie knows advanced managing strategies. Additionally, he also opens his winery to the public on certain dates. Since it is quite large when it comes to its size, staying on top of all the visitors can be tricky. For this wine lover, however, such tasks are practically effortless.

Insurance Success

Shockingly, almost every single one of the previously mentioned successes pertains to part-time interests of Mr. Mackenzie. Meaning, he does not always run his winery, organize charitable events, or travel. Instead, he has a full-time job while all of these activities keep him busy. So, it seems fitting to mention how he was also quite prosperous as an insurance agent. He was able to get a promotion in a record-breaking time given his efficiency. After a while, he found himself in senior management where he now calls himself the COO.

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