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Maninderpal Mand’s Tips for Getting Involved in Philanthropy

Becoming involved in charity or philanthropic work is a deeply rewarding pursuit. When a person becomes involved in his or her community, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped to support important initiatives and bettered the lives of their fellow citizens. Many people might not know where to start when getting involved in charities. Dr. Maninderpal Mand offers suggestions for people who want to make a difference in their community.

Find Your Passion

Choosing an organization can be simple when you consider what you feel passionate about. Are you interested in environmental causes or children’s issues? Finding an organization which supports these causes can be an easy way to get involved in the community.

For example, if you are interested in fostering young people’s need to belong in their community, you may want to become involved with the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. If you are concerned with preserving our historical past, join the team at an art museum.

Decide What Level of Involvement You Want

You may be so busy with your own enterprise that you do not have time to spend working directly with the charity. In this case, monetary donations are always appreciated. Local nonprofits are always grateful to their donors, especially if the amount is generous. If you can’t make a lump sum gift, sign up to pay a smaller amount monthly. Many large employers will match their employees’ charitable donations to established nonprofits.

If you have more time, you may want to start volunteering at the grassroots level. Maninderpal Mand highly recommends working closely with your organization in your community is a rewarding way to spend your free time. It is also possible to volunteer at the organizational level, serving on committees, but generally, you will need to have spent some time volunteering before you can be chosen for such a pursuit.

Decide How Much Time You Can Spend

Becoming involved with a local charity can be overwhelming at times. Many organizations are understaffed, and when they find a new helper with time on his or her hands, they may try to monopolize your time. It is wise to block out the number of hours you are willing to spend on this pursuit beforehand. Many people who are involved in charity pursuits experience burnout when they try to do too much. Keep your boundaries firm, and others will respect them.

Start Local Events

Another way to support local nonprofits is to start a fundraising event. For example, if you want to fundraise for a local animal shelter, you may want to hold a fundraising dinner dance. Volunteering to run such an event can draw on many skills which are gained in the business world. Coordinating the venue, food, and entertainment is a large job, but the amount of money that a charity can bring in makes it worthwhile. These events help to encourage attendees to put their own time and money into volunteering for the organization. You will feel good about your contribution to the community, and you will become respected in local philanthropic circles.

Set Up a Foundation

If you have the means, you may want to consider setting up a charitable foundation. Your foundation can make gifts to deserving nonprofits and can serve as a clearinghouse for donations for the local community. Setting up a charitable foundation can also bring major benefits in the form of tax breaks.

Get Involved

These tips will help you get involved with local charities at any level. Time is as valuable as money, but when a person is very busy, simple monetary donations are always appreciated. You can choose your level of involvement and your level of contact with the grassroots level of your chosen organization. Becoming involved with fundraising efforts is rewarding as well.

Whatever level of involvement you choose, you will be bettering the community and possibly gaining tax advantages. Dr. Maninderpal Mand encourages everyone to take the time to become an important part of the local community.

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