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Lee Orthodontics Explains the Benefits of Braces Versus Clear Aligners

Overcoming the issues related to one’s teeth positioning can be a long and tedious process. Nevertheless, failing to address this issue could lead to many problems in the future, stresses Lee Orthodontics of Abilene, Texas. Just consider, for example, the issues that may arise due to one’s misaligned bite. Not to mention the mental barriers that may appear due to having the so-called “crooked” smile.

Given how widespread this issue is, there are many different approaches to treatment. Two of the most common ones, however, are braces and clear aligners. So, what are the basic differences that people should be aware of? Additionally, which method would be more appealing to busy professionals?

Understanding Clear Aligners and Braces

One of the most notable differences between these two options is the ability to remove the aid from one’s mouth. Patients who utilize braces are generally forced to carry them for months, if not years, at a time. Clear aligners, on the other hand, mostly consist of a series of invisible aligners that can be taken out at any time.

Given the depiction above, it is quite obvious that braces will be much more visible. So, people who want to maintain a seamless appearance will often find clear aligners to be a better fit.

Obvious Differences

Since braces and clear aligners are completely different in nature and the patients using either of the two will never have a similar experience. For instance, think about the implications of maintaining good oral hygiene. Those who are using clear aligners will not have issues doing so. After all, they simply remove the aligner to access their teeth for brushing.

People who have braces, however, will have to take a different approach, says Lee Orthodontics. Given how braces are frequently immovable, one will have to use special techniques. Moreover, they will have to carefully go about the process as some of the wires can become fragile over time.

Nevertheless, there are obvious advantages to using braces. First, it takes some of the stress away from the patient. Meaning, they will not have to worry about being dedicated and disciplined about putting their aligner on every day. With clear aligners, the success of the entire venture boils down to the patient’s habit of putting the aligner on. Moreover, according to Lee Orthodontics, braces are a much better solution for complex cases. Changing the alignment of one’s teeth without braces is nearly impossible if the positioning is extremely troubled.

The World of Busy Professionals

In 2015, the industry of clear aligners was valued at a whopping $20 billion. This was one of the largest spikes in valuation in any market. Such a figure was a byproduct of approximately five million people getting this treatment. So, what exactly is causing the mass appeal of invisible aligners?

Undoubtedly, the fact that clear aligners are extremely discrete has a lot to do with it. Consider, for instance, how many full-time employees and professionals operate in team-based environments. For them, using braces may not seem like the greatest idea as it could take away from their visual appearance. To better comprehend this, just think about the last time that an older individual was seen wearing braces. It has probably not happened in a while.

Thus, it is hard to deny the fact that clear aligners are a much better solution for busy professionals. Besides helping repair their smile, Lee Orthodontics stresses that they will also be completely hidden from the world. This would mean that one does not have to worry about explaining their braces to their coworkers. It could even help them retain a high level of self-confidence.

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