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Lawyers of Distinction’s Jesse Brodsky Talks About the Company

Jesse Brodsky is the head of membership services at Lawyers of Distinction. As the leader for on-going enrollment, he assures that new members are steadily accepted. Consequently, he helped the organization spread across the nation. Currently, the nomination-based process for applying is only available to extraordinary lawyers. Those who get accepted will enjoy the privileges of an exclusive client database, forum, and many marketing tools. Often, Lawyers of Distinction promotes its members by advertising on the National Journal of Law, CNN, and the ABA Journal. Those who believe that they would be a valuable addition to the elite team are encouraged to apply. After all, self-nominations are welcome to ensure inclusion.

How do you determine who is qualified to become a member of your team?

We have a thorough nomination process. First, people who apply have a few different ways to do so. Usually, they can fill out an application themselves or let a peer nominate them. Sometimes, our committee might even suggest them if their efforts have been recognized. Then, we do independent research to look for educational background, experience, case results, and more. The total count of factors that we focus on is above a dozen. Regardless, no factor is given more consideration than others. Lawyers who pass the research stage will undergo an ethics review and a background check. What we look for here is the history of any violations in the past decade. If their record is clean, we finally check to see if their state is below capacity. Our threshold is the top ten percent of all lawyers. Ultimately, attorneys that pass every stage are accepted for membership.

How do you connect potential clients with your lawyers?

It is all a part of our website. Just like lawyers can apply online, customers can use our “Find a Lawyer” tool. It includes the names of all of our members and asks for a few inputs. Once the customer selects their state, area of law, and attorney’s name, they see their page. Then, they have full liberty to do as they wish and either contact that lawyer or keep looking.

Besides name recognition, what other benefits do members enjoy?

We work with popular retailers and enterprises to offer discounts to our members. Right now, people who join are eligible for more than $5,000 in deals. That includes companies like AMC Theaters, Lenovo, Holiday Inn, Dell, Hilton, and so on. The idea is to enable our members to recover all membership fees. One way to do that is to work with individuals who find them via our exclusive database. Another way is to take advantage of the countless discounts.

Is every membership the same?

No, there are material differences between all of our packages. Lawyers of Distinction currently offer a basic, featured, and unique plan. Expectedly, they each have a lot of the same benefits. As the lawyer upgrades, however, they are given access to improved tools. For instance, the basic package offers a rosewood plaque just like the featured membership. It does not offer the membership roster published in ABA Journal, USA Today, and the New York Times though. The other two, however, come with those publishings. Ultimately, every attorney is encouraged to analyze their needs. Those who need little to no help with growth can take advantage of the basic package. Individuals looking for a high level of guidance and extreme promotions should probably become distinguished members.

What sub-specialties and areas of law are encouraged to apply?

We welcome every area of law! Our business plan is to connect our members with customers. As mentioned, we do this by using an extensive database where we place all of the lawyers. Thus, if there is demand for the area of law in question, we have nothing against it. Enforcing specific sub-specialties would be counterintuitive. After all, if the customer hires one of our lawyers, their specialty is obviously needed.

Are there any other tangible or intangible perks?

Our most popular tangible perk is the rosewood plaque available to basic and featured members. It is a fourteen-by-eleven-inch desk or wall decoration that lawyers can display. We also offer a translucent and personalized crystal statue to distinguished members. The actual benefit, however, is all the intangible intellectual property. We backlink our website to all of our attorney’s sites. That enforces their SEO and makes them more likely to come up in searches. We also allow the use of our trademarked logo that has very high market recognition. We also have an invite-only Facebook page for our selected members. We use it for information sharing among members. That perk is very beneficial when attorneys from the same state need help. It enables them to work together and even recommend each other to clients.

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