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Dr. David R. Lach on Lach Orthodontic Specialists

When discussing the most prominent orthodontists in Florida, it is difficult not to bring up Lach Orthodontic Specialists. With 26 years of experience that has yielded nearly 20,000 satisfied patients, this office is one of the most efficient and productive ones around the nation. Led by Dr. David R Lach, who is a top graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Lach Orthodontic Specialists have worked with people all the way from 7 years of age up to 70. They specialize in fitting patients with the benefits of Invisalign as they are within the top 1 percent of Invisalign providers in the country. Moreover, Dr. Lach is a known supporter of his community where he contributes to events like the March of Dimes, UNC Mexico Project, Shriners Hospital for Children and the Smiles for Hope Foundation he initiated in 2010.

Lach Orthodontic Specialists
Dr. David R. Lach

Can you give us a background of where the idea for Lach Orthodontic Specialists came from?

I always believed that my career will achieve full utilization only if I am able to impact my own future and optimize my God-given artistic and creative talents and abilities. To that end, I started Lach Orthodontic Specialists in 1991 to help as many as possible in achieving the most beautiful smile that they can have. As technological advances have progressed and innovations such as Invisalign came around, we quickly embraced the advantages and benefits that these would provide patients. That is essential as I always wanted to have an entity where I would be able to apply for scientific advances directly to see how they improve benefits to others who are receiving those which is one of the things that I value the most.

If you had to list the top three reasons for someone to use Invisalign, what would they be?

You cannot see them, the procedure is relatively painless, and you are not bound by any limits that braces may come with. I will clarify some of those a little bit. I listed the fact that Invisalign cannot be seen as the first reason because that seems to be the most important factor to many patients. When I do follow-ups and meet prospective patients, they are generally focused on getting their teeth realigned in the most inconspicuous way possible. As far as the freedom that comes with Invisalign, the explanation to that is two-fold. First, you have the benefit of removing the aligners and eat any food that you would like. As you may know, that is not the case with braces since they are going to be in your mouth 24/7 until a dentist removes them. Secondly, Invisalign gives you the freedom to spend less time brushing your teeth as you do not have to use a special toothbrush that is only compatible with braces. Of course, this does not mean that you can simply avoid brushing your teeth in general, but you will save a significant amount of time doing so.

Can you tell us more about your Smiles for Hope Foundation?

I am very glad you asked. I established the foundation in 2010 for the sole purpose of providing orthodontics services to homeless, unprivileged or cancer inflicted children. I wanted to be able to give other professionals a platform to use if they decide to give back to the community and help those in need. Thus, anyone who has the experience and wants to contribute is always invited to do so. I have personally used the foundation to work with many children myself. My goal is to grow the foundation to an international level where it will serve as a universal tool for connecting the less fortunate ones with orthodontists willing to aid them.

What do you do in your free time?

I am a former Division I collegiate and semi-professional soccer player. As a result, I am a huge fan of soccer and take any opportunity to play, coach, or be a spectator at a great game. I am also very active in most other outdoor sports such as jet, snow and waterskiing, boating, fishing, golfing, running, weight training, or just going to the beach with my family. As uncommon as these may be, I am also quick to try others that may prove to be quite interesting such as hiking, biking, skydiving, ATV, and dirtbike riding.

Lastly, could you discuss some of your community involvement for our readers?

Absolutely! I try to dedicate as much time as possible to support many local events. I believe that community involvement has a direct relationship with community development. Thus, I hope to facilitate a noticeable improvement in the way that things operate in our society by dedicating my time and effort to anyone who is doing something for the benefit of others. Although sometimes difficult with a busy schedule, my basic rule of thumb for these events is to keep them on my agenda no less than twice a month. If every professional were willing to put aside such a small portion of their time and dedicate it to their community, we would be living in a much more enjoyable and connected world.

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