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Kelly Hyman
January 9, 2019

How Kelly Hyman Suggest Young Actors Balance Their Dreams with Their Day-Job

Seeking a full-time career as an actor or an actress may be difficult, but immensely rewarding. For those still seeking their big break, having another source of income is essential to cover the costs of living. Moreover, the fact that the vast majority of castings happen in high-profile areas serves as a barrier to entry. That is because living in cities like Los Angeles or New York City and pursuing acting comes with a lot of fixed expenses. So, how can someone continue to chase their dream while also working a day-time job to pay the bills?

Live by the Schedule

Although the world of acting brings a lot of last-minute auditions and unannounced meetings, it is important to have some kind of schedule that you can stick to. This means that the prospective actor or actress will have fixed time frames that will be dedicated to their day job. Doing so allows them to set aside a certain number of hours that are solely focused on earning some minimum amount of income. According to an attorney and daughter of the former mayor of Miami Beach, Kelly Hyman, using online scheduling tools can be quite handy. Besides being easily accessible, they are great for holding the person accountable and reminding them of their upcoming obligations.

Is Working Full-Time Plausible?

Before figuring out a schedule that works, one must ask themselves if working full-time in a non-acting-related field is plausible. After all, going to auditions and various castings takes a lot of time. Even more so the time required to fulfill an acting obligation if granted the part. So, can one dedicate 40 hours a week to a steady job while also pursuing such an upbeat career as acting? Well, it depends on the person and their drive. This is why many aspiring stars have jobs that allow them to work on the weekends. Jobs that allow flexibility cannot be stressed enough, as that added flexibility opens up a whole world of opportunities.

Schedule Auditions During Time Off

Although it is fairly obvious, people should attempt to schedule any acting functions during their time off. This is where those weekend jobs can come in handy as they leave time during the week available. If one has to leave their day-time job to attend something related to acting, however, the best course of action is to communicate well. Letting their current employer know that they are passionate about acting can help them earn some trust and attain more flexibility.

Know How to Prioritize!

Regardless of how great someone’s schedule may be, it is completely futile if they do not know how to prioritize well. Consider, for instance, someone who puts their day-time job at risk to pursue an unlikely acting role. Doing that is bad for two important reasons. First, it could jeopardize the day-time job and result in lost income. Second, going after roles that are not promising is not going to help them further their acting career. Thus, failing to prioritize properly is a lose-lose situation.

Instead, actors should learn how to prioritize gigs that either speak to them on a personal level or promise a good deal of opportunity.

Living Within Your Means

Kelly Hyman is married to the bankruptcy judge for the Southern District of Florida, Paul Hyman, and has seen success both in her acting career and her more traditional career. For those just starting out, she can serve as an aspiration of what future success may look like. While not all actors reach the heights of George Clooney and Tom Cruise, many do see the success that enables them to live their dreams and live comfortably.

So, follow your dream and they to will become a reality.

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