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Joshua Macaroni Opens Up About the Amusement Park Business

In the world of amusement parks, adrenaline chasing is not just a hobby but a way of life. Those who enjoy roller coasters, speedy rides and other daredevil-like activities can often be seen going beyond any limitations of fear. One individual that knows this all too well is Joshua Macaroni. Currently residing in Florida, he is an entrepreneur that has been in the amusement park business since he was 15. After years of capitalizing on his success, Joshua Macaroni now owns an entire enterprise that is open to the public. His park provides everyone with a unique getaway that is unparalleled by anything in this area and, as Joshua Macaroni likes to put it, the vortex rides are powerful enough to help everyone escape reality for some time.

How did you get started in this field?

It happened when I fifteen years old. I went to an amusement park and immediately felt a connection that was impossible to explain. It was like I fell in love and wanted to stay there forever. As I matured, I started liking the business side of amusement parks even more since it is a great opportunity for those who know how to manage fixed assets, track revenue coming from ticket sales, and lead good marketing campaigns.

Can you discuss some essential safety measures that apply to this industry?

Usually, this debate comes down to deciding whether or not one will hire foreign help. In my opinion, working with outsiders who may not be from this country can prove to be an invaluable experience. I mean, a lot of the rides did not even originate from the United States. Thus, it makes sense to get an expert who understands the original idea and knows how to keep safety protocols in mind while making improvements. Sacrificing their insight because they are classified as foreign labor is unwise.

What are some of the main things that differentiate your park from any other?

There are a couple of competitive advantages and ideas that have pushed this park to a new level. First, we regularly open the gates during non-business hours for all special-needs children who are invited to enjoy free rides. We do this to show our support for the local community and give parents a way to entertain their children for at least a couple of hours. Also, we are one of the very few parks that operate in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

Can you expand on the eco-friendly part and describe some of the recent things you invested in to make the environment safer?

When I started managing the park, I did not want my eco-print to be greater than the nature around me can handle. Thus, I do my due diligence and invest in those assets that will not contribute to excessive pollution. The latest purchase that we have made was a bulk order of LED puck lights that are now shining on our carnival equipment. The plan was to utilize them as a way of reducing fuel costs and minimizing pollution.

How involved are you with the low-level tasks inside of the park?

A lot more than you would expect! Believe it or not, I was the one who built the entrance. Although most of my time is allocated to certain high-level management duties, I do make it a point to walk around the park at least twice a day. This enables me to interact with the customers and see if they have any feedback, help out any employees who might be struggling, and look at the equipment to verify that it is safe to use.

Are the rumors about the notorious Cloud 9 ride true?

Absolutely! After many years of anticipation, at least in my case, it is finally coming to the United States. When people ask me to describe the Cloud 9 ride for them, I tend to say that it is a mobile swing tower that comes second to no other ride that I have ever been on.

What would you say is your personal favorite when it comes to amusement park rides?

Besides the above mentioned, I am a huge fan of rides that are based on gravity. Although machine-induced speed and acceleration can be thrilling, I love high drops that are purely hastened by gravity itself. As far as the actual name, it is impossible to come up with one since different parks label it differently. Some call it the “Superman,” and some states label it the “Daredevil.” Regardless, it is a ride that drops about a dozen people from a high point utilizing nothing but gravity as the attraction force.

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