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May 11, 2019

Issac Qureshi Comments on the Future of Real Estate

When investors reach a point where they have experience with stocks, bonds, options, and other traditional assets, they often turn to new categories of buying. In other words, they slowly shift into things like venture capital and property transactions to ensure that their portfolio is diversified enough. For those unfamiliar, this means that they want to reduce their cumulative risk by owning different opportunities that come from various industries. So, if someone has 20 percent of their overall portfolio invested in a real estate venture, a crash in the stock market would leave that portion of their assets unaffected.

Fortunately, as technology evolves and the market keeps improving, the field of real estate is going to become increasingly accessible. So, what are some of the most anticipated changes that will soon take place in this industry? More importantly, how do these relate to investors looking to get into real estate?

Better Accessibility Through Mobile Apps

The trend of mobile apps and other online-based platforms that are used to engage in transactions is probably the most obvious change. This is because it has been around for a few years now and people are jumping on the opportunity to capture sizeable gains. For instance, a lot of companies are now offering app-based investing where one simply has to put down their capital and let the middlemen handle everything else.

In the future, it is fair to expect that most real estate providers will develop some form of online presence where their buyers will be able to keep track of their assets from their phones. This is going to lead to a spike in accessibility and could easily increase the number of those who participate in the exchange of property.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Although the actual movement of cryptocurrency is by no means a new trend, its involvement in the real estate sector would be quite revolutionary. Nevertheless, certain steps towards making this happen have already taken place as companies are implementing cryptocurrencies to enable safe and easy payment processes in a decentralized manner. How will this help future buyers? Well, it will allow them to combine a forward-thinking concept of digital coins with property transactions. Consequently, having a quick and impenetrable portfolio will be as easy as buying crypto assets online.

Better Researching Tools

According to wealth management and taxation expert, Issac Qureshi, the key to realizing long term gains in real estate boils down to high-quality, in-depth research. Fortunately, buyers who may or may not have any experience can now rely on state-of-the-art tools to help them research the market. This is done by using software that combines decades of previous data as well as the current happenings in the economy to give an accurate depiction of where the industry is headed. Although most of these resources operate on a fee-for-service basis, they are generally well worth the investment since they enable one to maximize the odds of being profitable and not losing any of their capital.

Potential Competition Issues

Of course, Issac Qureshi recognizes that not everything that is going to take place in the real estate market is going to result in a positive change. One of the most concerning issues boils down to the fact that increased accessibility and better research could be appealing to a higher number of buyers. Due to this, the total amount of people that are wanting to get into property transactions is going to rise, resulting in a dramatic increase in competition.

Well, according to the basic law of supply and demand, this spike in quantity demanded will eventually cause prices to rise and weed out the investors that are not willing to spend more than the minimum. Nevertheless, people that are willing to dedicate themselves to research and take advantage of soon-to-be-released technology will still maintain their high odds of success.

Faster Closing and Higher Asset Turnover

As with most opportunities that relate to passive income, people are becoming less and less forgiving when it comes to the time lapsed between the initial communication and the actual transaction. In other words, buyers do not want to spend as much time waiting for brokers and other middlemen to make their purchase happen. Luckily, the average closing time for a property transaction is already falling as more and more agents are showcasing an unprecedented degree of efficiency.

This causes people to get their properties much faster and diversify their portfolios almost as soon as they become aware of an investment opportunity. How is this beneficial? Well, it allows them to start accumulating interest and wealth on the purchase much sooner, which adds on to the overall realized income on the transaction and makes them more likely to make additional investments.

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