An Interview with Health Care Industry Leader, Home Infusion Group Inc

Home Infusion Group Inc is a home infusion company that provides people with various medical treatments at their own residences. Led by the acronym that spells out “I CARE,” this company is a perfect example of how integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence can flow together. The top executives at the company strive to achieve the same level of respect and professionalism within the company’s inner circles. They achieve this by requiring all of the employees within Home Infusion Group Inc. to treat each other as members of the same family. By utilizing many state-of-the-art tools and the knowledge of experienced professionals, the company is able to treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions that may require frequent visits to the hospital.

Could you tell us a little more about your company?

So, at Home Infusion Group Inc, we work as an authorized pharmacy based in the Big Apple (New York). Everyone here is well trained in specific disease states needing infusion therapy such as anti-infectives, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, iron therapy, and almost anything that comes to mind that relates to this field. One of the things that we are most devoted to, however, is outstanding patient care that many have complimented us on. Our values revolve around solid foundations of ethics and empathy which have helped us develop a good reputation.

How would you explain further the concept of home infusion?

Home infusion is an opportunity for patients to get their regular intravenous treatments in the comfort of their own home. This enables them to avoid spending time commuting. Moreso, any medications and infusion supplies are delivered to their home, and upon arrival, a high-tech nurse will be scheduled to visit the patient. The program includes antibiotics for many infectious and chronic states, chemotherapy, hydration, and multi-vitamin drips. The bottom line is that home infusion grants one a chance to enjoy the comfort of their own residence, but also complete the treatment in a timely and professional manner.

What do you consider to be the biggest benefit of home infusion programs?

In our case, we provide cost-effective infusion therapy services at the patient’s home which is considered one of our biggest competitive advantages. This allows people to avoid spending time in hospitals and continue with their regular activities. Our goal is to render top-quality services through collaboration with our professional team and with the use of the best equipment on the market. Also, we aspire to treat all of our patients as distinctive individuals. We want to have honest relationships with our patients and make their path of getting healthy as comfortable as it can possibly be.

You told us that these programs reduce the time patients spend in hospital. In your opinion, what would be other specific advantages of home infusion compared to hospital infusion?

One thing that definitely comes to mind is all the costs involved. Home infusion has repeatedly proven to be less expensive than hospital services. Research shows that savings can go up to $2,000 per course of treatment. This type of assistance provides the safety that parallels the conditions granted by hospitals. It also comes with a warm and fuzzy atmosphere that a hospital room will seldom offer. Frankly, most people simply prefer to stay at home and avoid hospitals by all means, so we appeal to the ones who fit this criterion. Experience shows that patients recover faster in familiar surroundings and, with professional care that we apply to all of our endeavors, the risks should be minimal.

Home infusion is a topic that we do not hear about often. Could you tell us a little about your standards of care?

Although it has been in the United States for a long time, a good home infusion is not something that you learn from books while in college. We want to make sure that we pass a part of our knowledge onto our patients so that we can educate them on anything from the basic administration of their therapy to specific information about their cases. Thus, I can proudly say that all of our hard work is in compliance with the top standards in this area of medicine. That means that we have contact with various medical professionals, ranging from pharmacists, nurses, and doctors. The shared goal is to make sure that we get our patients to a healthy and peaceful state. Additionally, our services may be interpreted in various languages, if needed.

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