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An Interview with GM Law Firm Senior Partner Chantel Grant

In the U.S. and across much of the world, the problem of financial hardship and debt has hit epidemic levels, with the fight to protect the rights of those in debt proving to be the most difficult to take on for any law firm. The GM Law Firm has spent its history battling to protect the rights of those in debt from predatory lenders and debt collectors who have been known to ignore the rules and regulations created at state and federal level to guide this process.

A Senior Partner at the GM Law Firm, Chantel Grant, has become a courageous fighter for the rights of millions of U.S. citizens who are being harassed by debt collection agencies and creditors for payment of debts they may or may not have accrued over the years. Grant has become one of the most impressive consumer rights organizers who has succeeded in many cases in the areas of medical, private student loans, and credit card debt. Grant currently serves as a Senior Partner at GM Law Firm, LLC and has developed a particular arsenal for fighting the harassment seen by many battling creditors through the courts, as well as outside of the court system by alleging federal consumer protection statutes to dismiss consumer debt.

GM Law Firm has become a significant consumer rights champion, and Grant believes the success the law firm has achieved shows how dangerous the debt collection industry has become over the last few decades despite the many regulations introduced at state and Federal level which are often difficult to enforce.

What is the aim of the GM Law Firm?

At GM we believe the ability to create a better future for our clients should always be the top of the list of our goals. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was introduced by Congress to protect those in debt from unfair practices and harassment by creditors who are not willing to work with those in debt to allow payment to be received promptly. We aim to overcome the issues of debt by bringing together experts in the law who want to fight for our clients as they take on the might of their creditors from a range of sectors.

What can an individual do when a creditor is harassing them?

First, make the call to contact us to receive expert legal advice. Secondly, start keeping track of every phone call, email, and letter received from a creditor to build a picture of the harassment. Obviously, we understand the financial issues our clients find themselves in and try to help by offering an initial consultation free of charge to provide an assessment to whether our law firm can assist an individual in their fight.

How do you get motivated each day?

My motivations are easy to identify as I’m in the business of helping people with my colleagues at GM. It is easy to get up every morning knowing my clients are looking to free themselves of the issues of predatory lending which have become a significant issue across much of the U.S. in recent years. Harassment in the payday loans sector is a major problem we are fighting on a daily basis. Many of my clients have found themselves in debt due to personal issues such as divorce, medical emergencies, and losing their job. Knowing I’m helping my clients build a better future is perhaps the best part of my job.

Do you have any habits that make you a better lawyer and entrepreneur?

I believe it is essential to stay true to oneself and remain on the right side of both the law and moral values. We found greater success when we discovered a few strategies our clients could follow to improve their chances of success in the fight against their creditors. Setting out these strategies in a clear and understandable way has made this a positive aspect of our law firm.

What are you most proud of in your career?

We have achieved a tremendous amount in fighting for the rights of consumers, but I believe our philanthropic work is just as impressive and important. We provide food for the Feeding South Florida group, have attended many Alzheimer’s walks, donated money to the South Florida Wildlife Center, local churches, and we collect toys for the Marine Toys for Tots as well as for the Spirit of Giving Network charity each year. We have many pro bono clients, and other elderly local clients who have no family to help care for them. We recently revamped an elderly client’s home with new mattresses, got her internet and a TV, and buy her groceries each week. We truly want to make a difference in people’s lives in any way that we can.

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