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Insight Seminars
July 6, 2018

Insight Seminars: Creation, Goals, and the Future

Insight Seminars has created a series of professional development programs and workshops that started operating 40 years ago. They were built by John-Roger and Russell Bishop, who co-created the first session. Although there are many achievable outcomes for these seminars, their primary focus is self-development. In translation, Insight Seminars helps people address important topics like making decisions from the heart and living life to the fullest. Additionally, they offer a wide network of individuals who support one another on a journey toward more success. Every seminar comes with a highly interactive group and one-on-one sessions. The ultimate goal is to teach people how to improve the overall quality of their life.

Can you explain the concept of “living from the heart”?

It means that someone is guided by inner wisdom acquired through experience. Every person makes a constant stream of decisions on a daily basis. Sometimes, those decisions are quite easy, and we do not think much about them, such as which cereal to eat with breakfast. Other times, however, they can affect our lives for the better or worse, such as purchasing a house or deciding to pursue a new career. So, whenever life-changing circumstances arise, it is essential to come up with a heartfelt decision. Doing so will help steer one’s life in the right direction.

What are some of the ways you help people achieve self-fulfillment?

The first part of finding self-fulfillment is identifying what it is we truly want. Often people go for symbols of success and have not fully identified the experience they hope to experience that those symbols represent to them. At Insight, we assist people in identifying their true heartfelt desires—those qualities of experience that transcend careers, how many possessions we have, how many degrees we have, etc. Once those inner qualities are identified, it is much easier to create strategies for success and also assist people with letting go of habits and beliefs that could stand in the way of achieving those goals.

Do Insight Seminars offer people an insight into their own nature?

Absolutely! All of our activities and processes are built in a way that will instigate self-reflection and awareness. Group processes are set up to facilitate conversations that will help improve their respective lives. Additionally, every long session that we organize comes with a series of specific ideas. Those ideas tend to be universal and can be applied regardless of one’s profession or other circumstances. So, yes, we certainly dedicate time to help individuals discover their true nature.

Can you give us an example of a seminar that you organized recently?

The very first in our series of seminars is called Insight I: The Awakening Heart Seminar. It started decades ago when our founders attracted over 150 people who were drawn to this idea. Today, we use it to give people some tools that will help them be successful and effective. Furthermore, it relies on showcasing everyone’s true potential. Doing so helps them recognize how far they can go in life.

Another very popular seminar I would like to mention is Insight III: Centering in the Heart. It is a five-day venture, in retreat, where people learn to minimize outside distractions, learn to respond instead of reacting, and learn to communicate more effectively. Naturally, we require those who attend this session to complete Insight I and II that will enable them to acquire the prerequisites and knowledge which help Insight III be more effective.

What are some of the future goals for Insight Seminars?

Currently, our future revolves around one word—expansion. We are starting to leverage our online communities to attract more people who need our seminars. Through our online connections, we’ve already helped establish a seminar that will take place later on this year in Nigeria. We hope to create a wide network of operations with seminars all over the world. If achieved, it would mean that we are able to present our sessions to millions of people. Fortunately, the opportunities that the online world provides seem to be endless. So, we think that our goal is quite achievable.


  1. It fills my heart to see Insight expand globally! The world is in need of more Insight trainings to help us open and expand our loving heart! That is what the world needs now!

  2. 34 years ago, I did my first insight one 😳 What I got out of that training 👈👌 Changed my life forever 💍thank You❤

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