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November 1, 2018

Hunter Protective Services on Tips for Staying Safe at Home

To ensure the safety of one’s family, homeowners often have to take certain steps toward securing their property. Given the rate at which home invasions are happening, which is almost every 7 minutes, U.S. residents are at very high risk. So, the times when locking the door at night was enough to ensure high levels of safety are behind us. Nowadays, homeowners should understand that a locked door is nothing but a minor roadblock for intruders. So, how can people stay safe within the walls of their residence?

Hunter Protective Services, a security contracting expert, weighs in below:

Communicating with Everyone Involved

The most dangerous part of a home invasion tends to be the element of surprise. In other words, the fact that the residents are caught blindsided gives rise to terrible outcomes. To avoid these issues, people should clearly communicate with each other and plan for the worst. For example, families with children should teach them how to react to noises that are out of the ordinary. This can include everything from hiding under the bed to making a 911 call.

If there are no children involved, however, the adults should have a course of action that everyone is aware of. Consider, for instance, a home with multiple roommates. In a scenario like that, everyone should know that any potential use of weapons, per se, would be unwarranted. After all, discharging a firearm when facing a home intruder is a terrible idea if there are three other innocent bystanders somewhere in the house. Thus, making sure that people clearly understand all of the potential outcomes is extremely important.

Advanced Security Systems

Although the era where locking one’s doors to guarantee safety is over, the technology era is just beginning. In other words, people should absolutely look into securing their home with a state-of-the-art alarm system. According to security specialists from Hunter Protective Services, not having an alarm system in 2018 is borderline irresponsible. So, what kind of alarms should people obtain?

The most critical features that security systems should include:

  • Cameras that capture one’s property.
  • Wireless systems that can be controlled remotely.
  • Intruder protection and Carbon Monoxide detection.

Of course, there are dozens of other features that can come in handy. Starting with those mentioned above few, however, is a great way to improve one’s safety quickly. Additionally, according to Hunter Protective Services, homeowner’s needs will greatly depend on the size of someone’s home, the number of residents, pets, and more.

Creating a Thorough Plan

There are probably very few noises that can induce fear like the sound of someone’s home window breaking at night. Sadly, however, this sound is often accompanied by a malicious intruder who rapidly makes their way around the household. To avoid becoming a part of the tragic statistics related to home invasions, one must have a plan. The type of plan in question revolves around having multiple escape routes, hiding places, or weapons to use for protection.

– Run Away

First, the escape route will include every potential way that the residents can leave to evacuate the household. Although some states do not make it mandatory to run from an intruder, doing so undoubtedly reduces the danger. After all, the person who breaks into someone’s home is always assumed to be dangerous even if they carry no weapons.

– Hide

If having an escape route is simply not feasible, the residents should have a place to hide. Sometimes, good spots include bathtubs or even balconies. The main idea is to go to an area that the intruder is unlikely to explore. Given how their main objective is to retrieve valuable items, using areas like closets may not be the greatest ideas.

– Fight Back

Finally, the situation may escalate to a point where one is forced into a corner, and their life is in danger. If this is the predicament in which a resident is put, every single state in the nation allows them to defend themselves. Meaning, using weapons to wound or even kill the intruder would be deemed legal under every single self-defence statute.

Hopefully, however, the previous two steps of the plan will help one avoid this outcome. If not, it is important to have a weapon located close to one’s bed. That will allow the resident to quickly retrieve the tool before they start running away or looking for a place to hide.

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