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December 19, 2018

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy Has Experts Like “25 Again” Optimistic About Anti-Aging Potential

Hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective solution to the problems that may occur in middle age and beyond. As people age, their bodies stop producing optimal levels of hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. This can lead to unwanted symptoms like a lack of energy, weight gain, and poor sleep quality. The effects of age-related diseases can also be warded off by using hormone replacement therapy. “25 Again” explains how safe hormone replacement therapy can help you feel younger longer and reduce the effects of aging on the body.

Supporting Total Body Wellness

Hormones are chemicals that control most functions in the body, affecting every aspect of your health. When these hormones are disrupted due to aging or disease, the body does not function at an optimal level. You may be surprised to learn how many different aspects of health are controlled by adrenal gland hormones like progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Both men and women can be affected by changes in these hormones. These three hormones control a person’s sex drive, but they also affect the entire body in different ways.

In women, low estrogen is associated not only with well-known menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, absent periods, and osteoporosis, but also with headaches, depression, fatigue, and trouble concentrating. Women can also experience low testosterone. When a woman has low testosterone, she may experience trouble with her sex drive and reproductive system. A little-known function of testosterone in women and men is that it helps the body produce red blood cells.

Low hormone levels also affect men in many ways. A lack of testosterone can cause memory problems, anxiety, and increased cholesterol levels. In later life, lower hormone levels are also associated with such serious health problems as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Low estrogen can also affect men. Gains in body fat and a loss of muscle mass are both caused by low estrogen.

Safety of Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is a field which is constantly developing, with new best practices being implemented each year. In the past, hormone therapy had the reputation of being unsafe, but today, this important therapy can be taken with little or no health risks. The amounts of hormones given as replacements are carefully monitored to keep people from developing unwanted side effects.

In women, it is safest to begin hormone replacement therapy early in the menopausal process. It is especially helpful for women who began experiencing menopausal symptoms early on, before the age of 40. Women who have had a hysterectomy and did not need progesterone have better outcomes on the whole. Progesterone therapy should be managed with special care since it can be responsible for heart problems when too much is used. Hormone replacement therapy can also help to prevent colon cancer and osteoporosis.

In men, testosterone replacement therapy can be safely managed. In many cases, the benefits outweigh the risks. When health care providers carefully monitor the patient, they can customize therapy to his exact needs. As with any medical treatment, it is unwise to go in without complete knowledge of the patient and his symptoms. Understanding his health as a whole enables the provider to target hormone replacement therapy according to his needs. This avoids the problems that may occur when too many replacement hormones are given.

The Benefits of Therapy

With hormone replacement therapy, patients can feel younger and enjoy increased vitality. Bothersome symptoms associated with hormone deficiencies are remedied, and patients feel more like their “old selves.” This has a beneficial effect on patients’ self-esteem and their relationships with others.

Providers like “25 Again” are ready to assist patients who are experiencing age-related problems. With careful attention to each patient’s individual needs, hormone replacement therapy can be given safely. Hormone replacement therapy can increase each patient’s vitality and help them feel well as they move into middle age. When a patient chooses hormone replacement therapy, he or she can be certain that it is a safe choice with many benefits.

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