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Heather Catania
October 2, 2018

Heather Catania Shares Why Building a Personal Online Presence is More Important Than Ever

In recent years, the growth of social media has been measured in millions of new users almost daily. Given such trends, the vast majority of businesses have worked hard on establishing a solid online presence. After all, the number of potential customers available on the internet exceeds the in-person buyers by a mind-boggling margin. Meaning, failing to leverage the power of an online presence could be one of the most devastating mistakes that someone could make in 2018. So, why exactly is it important to have a noticeable status online for those that are pursuing any field of entrepreneurship?

Below, Heather Catania, a social media marketer, digital content creator, and owner of the Social Fleur, shares some things to consider when attempting to build your online presence:

Organic Marketing

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, which include various forms of mailing campaigns, online outlets offer warm traffic. For those unfamiliar, warm traffic includes all of the potential buyers that are very likely to make a purchase. Consider, for instance, the following scenario with a hypothetical John Doe.

If Mr. Doe is known to be a fierce concert goer, the online promoters can use historical data to advertise to him. Thus, if he went to a local show at some point in 2017, most marketing agencies could easily obtain the data sets that indicate this. Just think about the way that Facebook tracks its users’ check-ins and locations.

Based on that information, one could promote an upcoming show to Mr. Doe as he has a history of purchases in this sector. In translation, he is much more likely to venture out to another concert than some random customer who gets sent a mailed promotion. Well, the online presence is what enables companies to find people like Mr. Doe and use previous information to raise conversions.


One of the most revolutionary areas in online marketing pertains to peer reviews, says Heather Catania. This is where platforms like Yelp come in and offer unbiased feedback written by third parties. So, John Doe could rely on such information to look for factors that ease his purchasing decisions. If he is considering attending another local concert, for example, he will use the customer reviews to find out more about the event.

Naturally, peer reviews could be a double-edged sword for businesses that are present online. This is because they will usually contain feedback that has not been skewed by any external influences. Instead, customers will write exactly how they feel about something since nothing is preventing them from providing constructive criticism (and sometimes not so constructive). In the case of a company that may not have the greatest concert organization history, online reviews could mean a lot of negative publicity. Expectedly, this will lead to a lower conversion rate since people will be unlikely to purchase something that could leave them unsatisfied.

Customer Service

According to experienced social media content creator Heather Catania, online presence facilitates better customer service. To comprehend this concept, just consider the impact of lengthy FAQ pages that most websites utilize. Having this content allows them to answer customer questions through cold sources that may not even require an actual agent.

Furthermore, using social media to connect with the potential buyers is another important step leading to better customer service. In fact, brands like T-Mobile, Nike, AT&T, and many others have started hiring online content managers like Heather Catania. These experts help them answer publicly asked questions in real time. Meaning, if AT&T’s latest Facebook post contains some ambiguity, social media would be the easiest way to provide clarification.

Retargeting For Repeat Buyers

One of the most obvious features that differentiate top marketers from everyone else is their knowledge of retargeting. This is a process where previous customers are advertised to again to make new purchases. This is extremely useful because retargeting provides some of the highest conversion rates. After all, if a buyer had a positive experience with a company, they will be inclined to engage with it again. Heather Catania’s company, The Social Fleur, is big on repeat customers and aims to retain them for as long as possible by providing top-notch service.

Well, online networks make it much easier to retarget than any most other platforms. One must simply create a list of all of their buyers and their interests to customize the campaigns to perfection. Imagine doing something so sophisticated through mailed newsletters. Safe to say, such an approach would be nowhere near as efficient as online ventures!

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