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Harnick Kang
July 12, 2018

Harnek Kang Discusses Physical Health and Property Development

In the spheres of property developers in the United Kingdom, Harnek Kang is a rather common name. With years of experience, Mr. Harnek Kang completed quite a few popular projects and participated in an abundance of ventures in Sheffield, England. Currently, he spends a lot of his time working with the local community to support growth and development. In fact, to that end, Harnick Kang, or Harneck Kang, is a frequent donor who attends countless local charities. Additionally, he spends a lot of time with his family and plays numerous sports. Staying so active makes it possible for him to thrive in all circles of life as he continues to expand his business.

As a working professional, could you describe some of the ways that help you maintain good physical health?

Well, it all starts with a proper diet. People who work long hours tend to forget about the importance of nutrition. I, personally, struggled to prioritize my goals and things like a solid eating schedule for a while. Eventually, however, I found ways to balance things properly. Once you have a well-rounded diet, you need to include some physical activity in your daily agenda. Some people like running, others lift weights, and some go on long walks. I, personally, enjoy playing sports and being around my family.

What is your favorite sport and why?

I love soccer or, as we commonly call it, football. It is a great model that you can use to teach people about teamwork. Players have to work together to fight for the same goal, or they will lose. A lot of real-life events are similar. As a property developer, I can never complete my projects alone. On the contrary, I have to rely on a lot of people and work as a synchronized unit. Only then can we finalize our projects promptly.

What do you do when you are not working?

I spend time with friends and family. I have a rule that weekends are meant for time off and should not be work-related. So, I organize events that some of my buddies and I do every now and then. Generally, we pick a location and take a short, two-day trip. That helps us take our minds off of everything going on in our work lives. Then, whenever Monday comes around, we are refreshed and ready to do some good work.

What made you want to be in property development?

I always liked the idea of seeing a project go from the beginning to an end. In property development, I am able to start things from scratch and watch them turn into something amazing. Of course, the part in between is characterized by a lot of work and effort. Regardless, the final result is what drives me whenever I accept a new work opportunity. I want my name, Harnek Kang, to be associated with not only successful but also challenging projects.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

I tend to wake up between six and seven in the morning. Then, I try to eat a good-sized breakfast as my lunch is not until late in the afternoon. I get to my office around nine, and it varies from there. Some days, I spend all of my time behind a computer screen. That generally happens when I have to deal with the logistics of the properties that I am developing. Then again, there are a lot of days when I will not even make it to the office. Instead, I work remotely and go to the site to deal with the hands-on issues.

What are some of your future goals?

Currently, I am looking into expanding my professional network. I want to make sure that when people mention my name, Harnek Kang, they’ll know that I’m a respected and trustworthy property developer. I hope to continue building properties and increase the number of projects that I complete every year. To do so, however, I have to find the right team of people to stand beside me. So, I am slowly recruiting individuals who can help me. Also, I am spending more time meeting new acquaintances that work in the same field. Not only does that help with my work, but we have a lot of shared interests. I mean, who does not like sharing funny work experiences with those who truly understand, right?

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