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Farid Noie and Benefits of Dental Implants

For years, dental implants have been helping people regain the ability to smile with confidence. Also, they assisted many individuals who struggled with eating. After all, when someone loses an important tooth, they may find it difficult to chew. Thus, the benefits of dental implants go well beyond visual appeal. So, what would be the most important outcomes for those who opt out for a dental implant?

Brief Overview

To understand the benefits, one must be familiar with dental implants first. They are replacements that come in when someone’s tooth root is destroyed. Meaning, people who get them could be suffering from a medical condition or simply be involved in an accident.

Speech Impediments

Although most individuals do not recognize this benefit, dental implants could help with speech impediments. When someone loses an important tooth or teeth, they may find it harder to talk. This is because they have an additional gap to fill while speaking. Learning to do so, however, takes time as the tongue must adjust to its new movement. Consequently, certain words could start coming out less clear and the person may appear to be mumbling.

Dental implants easily fix the issue by replacing the gap with an actual tooth-like structure. Thus, there are no holes that will cause one’s speech to be altered in any way.

Time to eat?

As mentioned, dental implants also make it a lot easier to eat. Even people who use some form of sliding dentures may agree. Just like real teeth, these replacements are completely firm in someone’s mouth. This indicates that the odds of involuntarily moving them are very small. Consequently, whenever the person is chewing on something, they will have an easy and natural way to cut the food. Additionally, the only alternative is to re-learn one’s eating habits and start consuming soft food. That, however, is not always possible.

Other Teeth

Farid Noie is a cosmetic dental specialist who further sees dental implants as the safe option for other teeth. For example, doing maneuvers like sliding dentures or bridges involves other teeth. So, whenever a patient resorts to either of those, they will have to involve their entire mouth in the process. Well, as Mr. Noie notices, dental implants are specifically focused on the area in question. Meaning, if someone needs only two of their roots replaced, the doctor using dental implants will only focus on those two spots.

Multiple Options

Another popular advantage of this solution is the undoubted flexibility. Even though dental implants provide robustness and power, they could be removable. When a patient decides to take this option, they will be eligible to treat their implants as a temporary aid. Meaning, they could only put it in their mouth while eating. In most cases, however, removable implants are only taken out at night time.

Confidence and Visual Benefits

Losing teeth in accidents can be tremendously painful. If you suffer a sudden tooth loss or damage to your teeth the best thing to do for quick results is to find a local emergency dentist, you can do that with sites like or the ADA website. It also leaves permanent consequences that will not heal like bruises or cuts. This is because teeth do not regenerate themselves. For those who are unfortunate enough to be in this group, it means learning to live with an altered smile. Luckily, people are not forced just to adjust as they can use dental implants to regain the same facial aesthetics. Once that happens, as Farid Noie also states, their self-confidence is going to skyrocket.

A Reliable Solution

Oral procedures are usually quite painful. Even if one gets a lot of anesthesia and does not feel pain, the discomfort remains. Given such a situation, it is reasonable to assume that no patient wants to have a failed procedure. This usually happens when someone’s dentist takes advantage of a method that does not work out well. Consider how an individual may get a bridge to empty gap space between teeth and then that bridge cracks.

Well, dental implants are proven to be extremely durable. They are built with high-quality material where the long-term focus is prioritized. Additionally, 98 percent of all patients have a positive experience with dental implants as their procedures go well. In translation, not only are they more reliable but also more likely to be successful the first time.

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