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Eduard De Guardiola on Mentoring, Charity, Some Important Tips

Eduard De Guardiola is the founder of real estate company Vista Realty Partners which he created in 2000. The idea behind it was to develop a multifamily organization that will own, manages and develops assets. In the beginning, Eduard De Guardiola wanted to focus on the Southeast region. After a while, however, his success helped him expand further.

Besides creating Vista Realty Partners, Eduard De Guardiola also served as the President and Director of the Focus Group companies. This experience helped him acquire the necessary skills to grow his own business. Now, Vista Realty Partners is a firm that successfully developed and financed over $1.7 billion worth of properties.

What do you do outside of your work-related ventures?

I like to spend time with my family. We often take trips or simply meet for a casual afternoon where we watch sports or a movie. Also, I am a firm proponent of mentoring young entrepreneurs. Although many people would disagree with me, showing new realtors important strategies can be very rewarding. It helps them achieve their own goals faster and, in turn, makes it easier to build one’s network. Not to mention the increased opportunities from future word-of-mouth referrals.

Can you expand a little on your experience with mentoring and how one can get started?

Well, starting is usually not a problem. Generally speaking, you can find prospects who need a mentor almost anywhere. Once you select a young entrepreneur that you will help, you can start it off by simply getting to know them. After a while, you develop a bond that works almost like a family relationship. The ultimate goal is to transfer as much knowledge to them as possible in a limited period of time. Of course, mentoring can be a long-term endeavor, but most entrepreneurs want to be successful fast. Either way, you keep treating them as a close associate who is crucial to your own success.

What are some important factors that facilitate long-term success?

Knowing how and when to expand the business is necessary. Although one can be very successful with the same revenues, most businessmen want to increase their earnings. Unfortunately, one of the few ways to do so is through expansion. So, I always advise my mentees to look for opportunities to grow their ventures. Also, being reliable is crucial to one’s longevity in almost any industry. Meaning, those who buy from you must have the necessary confidence that your products or services will be satisfactory.

Do you think companies should have firmwide extracurricular activities for their employees?

Absolutely! In fact, the easiest way to motivate employees to do charitable work is to offer incentives. For instance, there are a lot of businesses that will let their workers take a day off if they go to volunteer for a few hours. That type of thinking is what helps move the communities forward and help those in need.

What are some real estate tips you would give to those just starting their practices?

Build relationships, do not focus on revenues at first. You have to establish yourself as a trustworthy party that business associates can rely on. Additionally, your clients must see you as their go-to professional. After you expand your network and you have a solid book of contacts, start converting. In translation, start seeking deals that will earn you sizeable returns.

Is there a traditional career path that your mentees take? Meaning, do all of them start off by going to school and then moving to the profession?

Not necessarily. Real estate is based on many certifications. For some of them, you have to obtain the necessary educational qualifications. Others, however, require you to study on your own and simply pass the exam at some point. So, a number of my students start their careers by working with those close to them. They do not necessarily take the traditional route and go to school first. Then again, a lot of my mentees also like to get the knowledge before even starting their ventures. Personally, I support either alternative as long as the person has the necessary drive and resistance to succeed.

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