Dr. Tad Tenney Describes His Career as a Chiropractor

Dr. Tad Tenney is a chiropractor currently practicing in Nevada. His specialization makes him a general chiropractor with expertise in spinal misalignments, back pain, and countless injuries. Over the course of his career, he worked with hundreds of people and attained a remarkable success rate with treatments. Additionally, Dr. Tad Tenney is an expert when it comes to state-of-the-art tools. Alongside modern equipment, he is able to quickly assess, diagnose, and treat various pain sources and minimize discomfort. Although his patients’ problems are quite diverse, he usually deals with sporting injuries. Also, he sometimes helps people recover from auto accidents by providing the necessary treatment.

What made you chose to become a chiropractor?

I always wanted to pursue a career in the field of medicine. Although I was not sure in what capacity, I knew that I wanted to help people. Somewhere along the way, I learned about chiropractors and the hands-on approach that the entire profession revolves around. I immediately became interested. Soon afterward, I was sitting in a classroom learning the basics of the profession. Within a few years, I was actually treating people myself!

How long is an average treatment plan for someone who comes to your office?

There is really no way to give an accurate answer since it depends on many factors. For example, someone who has a minor issue related to small-bone joints will not have to do a lot of sessions. Then again, a person with chronic pain that comes from years of shin splints will probably have to spend months in treatment. Everything boils down to the problem that the patient is experiencing and how severe it is. If the cause is an underlying issue that can be easily fixed, a few visits will be more than enough.

What advancements in the medical field are you interested in, if any?

I am very intrigued by the rise of robotics in medicine. A lot of surgeries are now performed by computers and the level of precision achieved is unimaginable. I am very curious to see how far these advancements will go in the next ten to fifteen years.

Based on that, do you believe that chiropractors could ever be replaced by robots?

Not exactly. A chiropractor is not someone who provides cookie-cutter treatment that is based on blueprints. On the contrary, every patient is different, and every problem needs a custom-made approach. Even when two people have an identical condition, there are hundreds of factors that may differ. For example, two people recovering from a tibia fracture may need different treatments depending on their height and activity levels. So, I do not think that a robot could perform such a delicate role as there are too many variables.

What are your goals for the next few years as well as the following decade or two?

In the short term, my main goal is to continue working with my patients. A lot of the individuals that I currently treat are getting closer to overcoming their respective conditions. In the next decade, however, I plan to expand my practice by accepting more patients. Since more patients require more doctors, I plan to look into working with additional associates.

What should prospective patients expect when they visit a chiropractor?

The first thing that I will say is what not to expect. Do not expect that a chiropractor will spend an hour “popping” your bones from every angle. With the rise of online experts and video-sharing services, people now mistake what chiropractors do. Although joint relief, widely known as “bone popping,” is common, we do a lot more. For instance, an initial visit will often include an X-ray and a physical exam. Only when those two are completed will a doctor discuss what options need to be considered. Ultimately, the treatment plan is created, and the patient agrees to follow the program closely.

What is your advice for aspiring professionals that would like to be a part of this field?

I would advise them to spend a few years learning the basics and then join a practice. Generally speaking, hands-on experience is a lot better than any book content out there. Thus, I urge everyone to look for internships and other opportunities in this field. Doing so will enable them to gain a precious set of transferable skills that can be used later.

Do you think people should look for seasoned chiropractors to be their mentors?

Absolutely! Having a mentor is a great way to learn things and ask questions that may be somewhat unorthodox. It also teaches about proper teamwork and patient interactions. Not to mention that a mentor can be helpful when it comes to getting a job in the field.

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