Dr. Lilia Mourise

Dr. Lilia Mourise’s Struggle for a Sense of Humanity

March 5, 2021

‘Humanity,’ a word derived from ‘human nature and kindness’ are seemed to be lost in this chaotic world. Murders, terrorist attacks, child deaths, caustic politics, maltreatment, and countless other problems are examples of how ignorant the human race has turned. It is sad to see people losing faith in humanity as the world moves forward.

The ugliest thing that I have seen is a human being without compassion” – H. Milne P.

Over the years, the attitudes of people have undergone a drastic change. Characteristics like compassion, chivalry, kindness, and generosity are fading away. People have been turning a blind eye to problematic situations.

While most people are indifferent to worldly problems, a few good souls work relentlessly to make the world a better place. Among many philanthropists, Dr. Dinahlilia Mourise has dedicated her life to serving humanity.

Coming from a royal family in Egypt, Dr. Dinahilia Mourise does not have a hint of pride or superiority in her and is very down to earth. The shine and luxury of royal life never attracted her.

Mourise has been helping the underprivileged to bring a change in their lives. She has been involved in many charitable activities by either playing as an undercover for other organizations or merely being the one to drop off bread to the poor in the streets of Congo, Africa.

“Her attachment with the children grew so much that she was often spotted feeding them with her own hands”, a source said.

Efforts to Secure the Future of The Children

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Biology Literature from the American University of Cairo in 2001, following her admission to Med School at the University of Cairo, Dr. Mourise continued working for the welfare of struggling children. Dr. Mourise joined the Lilian Orphanage in 2002. She assisted the orphanage along with her rescue team that was also dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused children. They planned to scan every alley, street, and town to identify and investigate abandoned children. The team rescued sixteen children on day one. The journey ended in 2005. To date, she has rescued over 8000 children and women.

Mourise’s attention was focused on the well-being and upbringing of homeless children. In 2010, Dinahlilia Mourise felt a need to act for the greater good of these children, recalling when she was offered to buy a child for 250 pounds in Egypt.

This passion led her to lay the foundation of her non-profit charitable organization ‘Lilia Redemption Foundation’ in 2015.

Lilia’s foundation operated to put a permanent stop to child sex trafficking, but the journey was not easy. Her team was fearless and highly efficient. Most of those who played a significant role in the rescue were former military people, and some were those who had lost their children.

Dr. Mourise’s team was aware that they were affairs with nefarious child traffickers, hence, they were tactically equipped for battle.

Mourise bravely participated in every fight. As a result, she also incurred serious injuries. To date, she holds seven scars on her body due to chains being whipped onto her back, leg, and abdomen.

She protected and provided the children shelter and food, and safely transported children and women to the Orphanage.

Mourise was known as the ‘Karawan‘ of the orphanage, which meant ‘the singing bird.’ Although her foundation is based in Canada, it has expanded to many other developing countries that severely need it, such as North Africa, the USA, India, and Brazil.

Today, this 42-year-old is a known face in Canada. Dr. Dinahlilia Mourise is highly revered for her humanitarian services and is the recipient of many awards. She was honored for participating in Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Association of Diplomats in 2012, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), Intelligence Community-Centers for Academic Excellence- Scholar, (ICCAE) Critical Language Scholarship Alumni (CLS), National Forensics League, (NFL) National Forensics, Association (NFA).

In addition to that, Mourise has also extended her services and has partnered with several welfare organizations such as the Lilian Orphanage in Egypt and the Amirrancho Orphanage in Brazil. This generous personality is also a member of the “Sick Kids Organization” and the “Boys and Girls Club of Niagara.”

Currently, Dr. Mourise is working on her book ‘Angel from Hell,’ which is scheduled for release in 2022. The book revolves around the generic life of a girl with supernatural alliances. After retirement, Mourise wishes to spend her life on a peaceful farm among her horses. She aspires to set an example for the new generation and believes that it would revive the dying humanity.

In spite of everything, I believe that people are good at heart.” – Anne Frank

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