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November 8, 2018

Dr. Jose Rios and the Safety of Vaccines

As one of the most popular topics in the world, vaccines have been at the center of public debates for years. On one side, a large number of people see them as very dangerous with no significant benefits whatsoever. Then again, the majority of people still believe that vaccines are extremely important when it comes to their long-term health. So, how safe and advantageous are vaccines exactly?

Immunizations Save Lives

To truly understand the impact of vaccines, think about some medical condition that used to cause millions of deaths every year. For example, Polio was one of the deadliest diseases ever to affect the United States. During the 1950s, it led to as many as 15,000 cases of paralysis annually. After the invention of the vaccine, however, the numbers went down enormously. Now, it is almost impossible to find a case of Polio in the entire nation as it is very rare.

The list of similar instances where diseases that used to kill people are now treated easily goes on. One common factor to all of them is that they prove how vaccines are effective at preventing fatal conditions and prolonging people’s lives.

Modern Resources Provide Safety and Efficiency

Courtesy of modern-day assets that are used in medicine, diagnostics, and treatments are now better than ever before. Given that children are the targeted audience here, certain inventions have made administering the vaccines much easier. Just consider, for example, how important the development of the stick-on patches, on-demand doses, and edible alternatives is.

For those unfamiliar, stick-on patches are based on a nanopatch technology that delivers the vaccines more effectively than an actual shot. They are approximately one centimeter in size and have as many as 20,000 small needles. Similarly, things like the so-called on-demand doses are based on nanoparticles. Unlike those mentioned above, however, this invention allows for rapid mixing of the doses that are put into a vaccine. Thus, doctors get to save time when they have to act rapidly to save someone’s life.

Long-Term Savings

As unrelated, as it may seem, vaccination can actually help preserve someone’s financial well-being in the long-run. According to Dr. Jose Rios, falling victim to dangerous diseases will come with high medical expenses. This is because treatments are not cheap and dealing with chronic conditions can be very pricey. Well, vaccines can minimize the likelihood of being affected by a condition that will impact someone’s finances adversely. Although this is not a primary concern by any means, it is important to recognize it as another factor that plays a role.

Increase Safety for the Future Generations

Another reason why vaccines are deemed as safe is that they perpetuate better health for future generations. Consider how smallpox practically stopped existing after people started getting their shots to combat the disease. Over the years, the fact that nobody was exposed to the condition after getting vaccinated led to the eradication of the infection. Now, new generations do not have to worry about the consequences of things like smallpox.

Well, the more people that get their shots on time, the less likely it is that certain diseases will spread in the future. In fact, Dr. Jose Rios claims that the smartest way to combat dangerous conditions is to rely on vaccines.

Immunization Protects Those Who Are Not Immunized

Ironically, even those that may not believe in immunization will benefit when other people get their shots. This is because everyone who gets vaccines is not at risk of spreading a certain disease. Well, in some cases, this means that they will not infect others with potent conditions. Of course, not everyone who is not immunized is that way by choice. Consider, for instance, babies that are too young to receive any of their vaccines.

To minimize their exposure to dangerous diseases, adults cannot allow their infants to get in touch with someone who is sick. Sadly, people often do not realize that they are carrying a condition. Thus, they may infect others without even realizing it. If someone had their shots, it would be impossible to infect others as they do not carry infectious diseases. Meaning, vaccines’ preventative role is the most obvious proof of safety and effectiveness.

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