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May 1, 2020

David Urban and American Continental Group Awarded by Bloomberg Government for Excellence in Lobbying

American Continental Group is one of the top-performing lobbying firms in the United States, as categorized by Bloomberg Government. David Urban, the company president, has a broad skill set and the ability to lead a 35-member team that produces the best results for its clients.

ACG is primed to help its clients succeed on a variety of levels. Through lobbying, a company can secure the government’s support, whether in the form of funding, loans, or legislative issues.

The firm has many prominent clients in all sectors of business. Some examples of ACG’s clients include financial services, healthcare, technology, housing, and defense. ACG is also able to assist its clients with government regulations and taxes.

Bloomberg Government’s Report

Recently, Bloomberg Government published a report naming its standout lobbying firms for the previous year. This data-driven recognition focused on the revenue generated by each team. The lobbying firms were judged based on client retention, revenue growth, average revenue per client, and employee profitability to qualify for the standout list. Since ACG showed exceptional performance in all these categories, they won a coveted spot on the list.

The research team at Bloomberg Government is comprised of experienced journalists and researchers. The company prepared the report with the help of its proprietary data and its knowledge of each firm’s business activities. The report may be downloaded at the Bloomberg Government website.

ACG’s Expertise

ACG helps its clients with regulatory and legislative concerns. Using personal relationships with government officials to build a rapport, the company provides its clients with quality service that gets results. While the company’s main focus is lobbying, it also provides services regarding taxes, mergers, and acquisitions.

The bipartisan nature of ACG means that it can help clients with diverse opinions. Since today’s political world is so divided, a lobbying firm must maintain connections on both sides of the aisle. Their balanced perspective helps them work with nonprofits and large corporations alike.

The Activities of a Lobbying Firm

Lobbying firms have a broader scope of business than many people are aware of. Lobbying firms are primarily concerned with promoting legislation, but they can also be a great help in managing governmental affairs and negotiating contracts.

Another valuable service provided by ACG is assistance with mergers and acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions can be challenging, and it is helpful to have a firm on retainer that understands the myriad of issues that comes along with a business transaction of this type. Mergers and acquisitions can take years to accomplish, depending on the complexity of the companies involved and on legislative and regulatory issues.

Sometimes mergers and acquisitions can drag on, as exemplified by the AT&T and T-Mobile merger. Lobbying firms do their part to cut down on the red tape and ensure that these transactions can take place.

The Impact of Lobbying

Lobbying is an activity that creates clear and demonstrable value for companies of all types. Hiring a lobbying firm may seem expensive, but it is associated with a much higher level of productivity.

Forbes published a report stating that companies receive $1,000 in government contracts and funding for each $1 they spend on lobbying services. It makes lobbying an attractive prospect even for smaller businesses.

The Forbes report also detailed how lobbying helps companies work more efficiently while spending more of their time on their central business goals. Lobbyists can focus their attention on the legislative and regulatory tasks needed to keep a company running.

David Urban

David Urban, the company president, has demonstrated expertise in many aspects of business and government. With a military background, he went into private practice as an attorney.

After practicing law for several years, he became the Chief of Staff for former Republican Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter. This position gave him an understanding of how Washington works and enabled him to build personal connections. Urban has also contributed to CNN during recent election cycles.

Urban’s broad experience and connections with Washington power players help ACG perform their lobbying work with excellent results.

American Continental Group: A Successful Company

ACG has helped a diverse slate of companies with their legislative and regulatory needs. Through their 2019 report, Bloomberg Government has highlighted the successes of ACG and many other lobbying firms in its category. Their data-driven report provides strong comparisons between ACG and other companies in its sector.

The purpose of a lobbying firm is to work toward removing the political obstacles that get in the way of a company’s success. In today’s challenging political climate, it is even more imperative that a company have good representation on their side. ACG will continue to provide a high level of service to their clients.

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