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Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria
June 13, 2018

Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria Discusses Finances and Entrepreneurship

Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria is an investment banker with more than 30 years of experience. As the owner of a successful company, The Vitoria Group, he has helped hundreds of clients thus far. Some of those include international money centers, financial firms, and a lot of domestic banks. He is also an expert on personal finance and international economics. Additionally, Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria maintains a blog and podcast that discusses contemporary topics and issues.

As a well-versed professional with many years spent on Wall Street, Dante does business with a wide range of clients ranging from everyday folks with powerful ideas to Fortune 100 companies.

From your experience, could you discuss the volatility on Wall Street?

It is one of the main reasons why people eventually move into private ventures. Working as an investment banker often builds up until one reaches Wall Street. Then, they realize how hard it is to overcome the constant drops. Just this year, for example, we saw market swings predicated on President Trump’s tweets and international tariffs.

How do financial experts go about valuing companies?

There is really no one way to do it. First, you have to consider the nature of the industry. For example, a service-based business will not be assessed by the cumulative value of its assets. But, if we are talking about a pawn shop, per se, the assets are all you care about. You have to come up with a way that works for you and whoever you want to sell the business to or buy the business from. If you can find common ground and agree on the suggested price, that is all that matters. If not, start by previous revenues and current forecasts.

Do you ever work with individual clients?

As long as they have a good idea and invest in the project themselves, I have nothing against working with individuals. Clients have to prove that they have put in their time, along with their assets, before I’m willing to invest or search for other investors for their individual projects. I have to know that they’re really committed.

What do you believe is an optimal way to pay off debt?

There are a few critical steps that usually help people. Prioritize all of your expenses and see where debt falls. If you are accruing high-interest fees, you should have the cost of debt somewhere on the top of the list. If not, it can be lower.

Once you have the visual aid, make sure you start paying off frequently and make it a habit. Do not allow yourself to miss any payments as it can snowball into a large problem. Ultimately, always pay off more than the minimum balance. Banks have a system that will prolong your payment schedule if you are only paying the minimum. As a result, you will have to pay a lot more than if you pay off the debt fast.

What are some entrepreneurship opportunities that are popular right now?

Brand-building is one of the trends that many people are getting involved with now. Starting a business is no longer as simple as filing the paperwork. Instead, you have to do heavy-duty marketing on the front end and make your venture known. That also includes contemporary platforms like social media where a lot of companies are starting to attract convertible traffic.

What do you think is necessary to build a profitable brand?

Going above and beyond. Usually, it all starts with great customer service. You must be ready to connect with your clientele and answer every single question that they have. Also, finesse is becoming just as important as dedication. Besides being persistent, you need to look for unique ways to present your brand. Attracting buyers is not easy. On the contrary, it is one of the main reasons why people go out of business.

Essentially, your brand needs to become your life. Day in and day out, all of your focus should go towards creating something extraordinary. The days where you could set up a one-page website and make a lot of money are over. People now want to see credibility and a solid brand image gives them the necessary assurance. Also, it helps turn them into long-term buyers who will keep coming back for more.

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