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Dan Doyle Queens Resident Discusses The Most Photogenic Views Of NYC

New York City is one of the most favorite destinations for most travelers in the world. The city is known to receive millions of tourists every year and the good thing that the millions of people residing in the city are quite welcoming. It is characterized by a dynamic and cultural atmosphere making it easy for anyone to feel welcomed and comfortable regardless of where they come from. If you are going to New York for the first time or are returning there for another trip, then numerous spots and landmarks are worth visiting and create memories with your camera. Dan Doyle Queens resident has been kind enough to point out some of these spots as detailed below.

1. The Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is a unique suspension bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan boroughs. The bridge is built over East River in New York City. It has very strong granite towers and steel cables, making it safe for everyone to pass through using different modes of transport. It provides amusing photographic views of the city. The bridge itself is something worth adding on your photo gallery since it showcases great engineering features. If you want to make as many photos without obstruction from bikers and runners, consider going there either at sunset or sunrise. The golden light at this hour will give you the best images from the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

2. Rockefeller Center

At the top of Rockefeller Center, you will have an amazing view of the entire New York City. The top of the Rockefeller center is popularly known as the top of the rock. One of the clear views you will be able to have and take a photo is the popular Empire State Building that seems engrossed in the skyline of the city. There are other great features of the city’s skyline, and once you reach the observation deck on the top of the building, you will be able to enjoy the view and take photos of the same. However, you will need a ticket to access the top of Rockefeller Center, which usually goes for about $40.

3. Flatiron Building

If you are that person who gets fascinated by architectural creativity, then Flatiron building is a piece in New York City that you cannot fail to see and take few photos too. You will see the building in Chelsea District near Madison Square Park. The building stands tall, and from a ground level perspective, you can get great images of Flatiron both during the day and at night after night-time lights have illuminated it.

4. Central Park

A park may sound less photogenic but before you make that conclusion, visit the largest space nature in New York City, Central Park. Almost everyone loves nature, and it is in this park that you will experience it excitingly. Central Park is a favorite for most residents in Manhattan whereby they visit with their children to relax, play, and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. You will have a chance to capture lively images of the activities taking place there and get time to relax too.

5. World Trade Center

The World Trade Center, together with Oculus Station, provides significant memorials of New York’s dull history. The monuments help everyone to remember those who lost their lives during the 9/11 terror attack and at the same time give honors to all warriors from New York City. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a place and show solidarity as well? According to Dan Doyle Queens, the monuments have unique architectural features that are worth capturing on your camera. If you want to enjoy the roof access of the Trade Center memorial, you will be required to buy a ticket.

6. The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of liberty is made of copper, and it came as a gift from French people to symbolize life in America. To be able to have a clear view of the statue, you will need to go to Ellis Island using a ferry and choose between the crown access, pedestal access, or general admission to see it. Depending on the image you want to capture or your preferred view, you will be required to pay different fees for each or any of these accesses. You can also take a creative image of the same while on the ferry to have different angle images.

These are among the most popular and exciting spots that you should bookmark using your camera anytime you visit New York City. Before you leave, however, visit the Time Square at night to have a glimpse of the beauty of the city’s unique streets.

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