D. Scott Carruthers

D. Scott Caruthers Shares His Views On Travel And Photography From A Professional’s Viewpoint

D. Scott Caruthers is a man of many talents and a go-getter. The Anaheim, CA native doubles up as an accomplished professional photographer and travel blogger. As a kid, Scott enjoyed painting and drawing. He continued with the creative flair upon completing high school, when he decided to enroll in an art school. His works have been featured in various mass circulating magazines and newspapers. Scott made the decision to establish a photography studio when he was 20 years old. To keep the studio running, Caruthers overseas photo production, business finance and other pertinent issues such as licensure, marketing, and advertisement.

His clients come from diverse backgrounds, including fashion, entertainment, and sports. Scott attributes his successes to his strong work ethics, a healthy relationship with clients and excellent communication skills. On his blog, Caruthers discusses various issues of interest, including technology, crypto-currency, and travel. He gets inspiration for his blog from business experience, local and international travels as well as engagements with various industry professionals. Outside of work, D. Scott Caruthers enjoys reading, networking with friends and volunteering. The initiatives that have caught his attention include youth education and mentorship.

What team-bonding activities does your company do?

Although photography is fun in every respect, there are several team bonding activities I usually encourage. Team bonding activities do help in enhancing decision making and promoting resourcefulness. The activities include creative photo adventure and low tech social network. The low tech social network is a name drawing game that acts as a great icebreaker.

Where do you spend most to keep the business running?

If you are starting a photography gig, you have to invest in the right equipment and ensure all the licensing requirements are met. Key equipment’s include editing programs, camera, lens calibration devices, and computer. Once the business is set up, the main cost to run the business will come from replenishing supplies and paying rent, utilities, and staff wages.

How do you fend off the competition and new entrants in your market?

As the photography industry becomes saturated, warding off the competition can be tricky. My time-tested strategies entail investing in the right gear, working alongside likeminded photographers and instituting aggressive marketing. Having the right gear means I can take up different projects, from shooting in static environments to taking up challenging assignments on location.

What forms of marketing campaigns have been most effective for your business?

My preferred marketing techniques are fairly simple and straightforward. The most potent of these is spreading the word through the spoken word and social media. The other strategies are email marketing and the use of postcards.

Have you ever considered expanding the business to the West Coast?

My studio is based on the West coast. For a portrait photography expert like me, I am happy to say the area is home to several photogenic places such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood sign and the magnificent Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon.

How does working with family affect your relationship with them?

This is an interesting question since it touches on the work-life balance. A good balance undoubtedly enriches. Whenever I have the opportunity to work with family, I usually worry less and enjoy the satisfaction of making better, well-backed decisions.

What does the future hold for your company?

Although the business has seen many better days, the best is yet to come. I hope to break into the commercial photography arena shortly to cater to the growing demand.

As you expand into new markets, will you be changing your marketing approach?

Marketing remains a cornerstone of any successful business development strategy. Because of the changing market dynamics, I have inculcated some things in my recent approaches. These include contextualizing such aspects as demographics, target market, and customer profile.

Will you stay in your current position for the probable future?

I do not have any intention to shift professions. What I see ahead of me is a bright future enumerated by growing interest in photography and demand for high-quality work.

What are some of your daily duties?

When I get into the studio, the first thing I do is study the assignments on the in the tray. Once I am done, I will go on to assemble the equipment’s in readiness for the shooting assignment, both on and off the studio. The routine may also entail holding briefs with my assistants and consulting clients.

What would you advise an aspiring photographer?

Photography is a passion that needs to be rejuvenated at every opportunity to blossom. Although you can learn a lot about photography through study and theory, you can make the most out of the theoretical experience by learning from every shot you take.

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