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September 1, 2018

CrazyMass and the Health Benefits of Increased Muscle Mass

CrazyMass is an American supplement company that specializes in products made for cutting, increasing stamina, and improving performance. They utilize state-of-the-art technology that combines science and muscle anatomy, with fitness experts testing each product before they are released to the public. Some common goals for every invention are to allow people to retain less water and increase their metabolism speed. Additionally, adding muscle mass while retaining cardio capabilities is possible for those who combine multiple CrazyMass products, also known as supplement stacking. Although one must continue training frequently, taking advantage of the supplements above would make the road to one’s goals much shorter! Get the most out of your workouts with CrazyMass.

What are some of the most common goals of your clients?

It depends on the type of client that we work with. Some individuals are well-rounded athletes that would like to improve every aspect of their performance. That means increasing their stamina and being able to complete long-distance runs. It also, however, includes lifting more weights and powering through high-intensity workouts. Others, however, specialize in very specific disciplines. For example, powerlifters who compete may need supplements to speed up their recovery that will lead to higher one-rep-max lifts. Similarly, swimmers or triathletes may require products to keep their weight in check and increase energy.

Is it possible to build muscle while retaining the same performance abilities? Meaning, could runners keep their speed while increasing the muscle size?

Yes. It is, however, very difficult to achieve such balance. When building muscle, the person will either have to lose fat and replace it with muscle or add new weight. Generally speaking, the latter happens to most individuals. Meaning, they begin building muscle through resistance training, and their bodyweight slowly goes up. When that happens, many individuals lose the ability to move as quickly which can affect cardio-based activities. An easy way to overcome this issue is to build muscle while continuously running slowly. That way, the slow-twitch and the fast-twitch muscle fibers will equally develop, and one may be able to retain the balance.

What are some benefits of building muscle?

Well, the first benefit revolves around body fat. With more muscle, one’s body fat often plummets. That means that they store less saturated fat and more muscle tissue. This further increases stamina and energy levels. Additionally, muscle mass helps preserve bones’ health as it promotes bone density. Think of it as a protective layer that connects to the bones. After all, the “skeletal” muscles were named so for a reason. Not to forget that muscles store glycogen that is used as energy while performing physical activity. This is important because it is the foundation of a healthy metabolism that is necessary to function properly.

Is it easier to build muscles with supplements?

Ultimately, yes. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Building muscle is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of dedication. Essentially, it is based on scaring the muscle tissue and waiting for it to recover which adds to volume. For the note-worthy volume to show, however, one must train frequently.

Moreover, they must have good workouts that push one’s ability to the edge. If they fail to do so, the muscle scaring will not take place. The best practice is to push the body outside of its comfort zone and let it learn to adjust.

Where supplements usually come in is the recovery stage. Depending on the particular product, one might be trying to speed up their recovery, increase or decrease water retention, or increase energy. In most cases, however, helping the muscles recover faster will make them eligible for more workouts. Consequently, one’s muscle weight will increase faster. So, although supplements do help achieve goals faster, they are not mandatory to be successful.

Do you have any advice for beginners who want to build muscle?

Start slow and do compound movements that work for multiple muscle groups. These include squats, deadlifts, bench press, and so on. After you build a solid foundation, add isolation work that targets smaller muscle groups. You should also frequently do cardio to retain your stamina that could be lost once your weight goes up. Of course, make sure you find some supplements that will help you avoid injury and recover faster!

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