Christopher Desousa

Christopher Desousa Discusses Challenges Faced by College Athletes

Christopher Desousa is a student baseball player who also coaches younger individuals. He began his career at a young age and had over a decade of experience in the sport. As a student baseball player, Christopher is very much doing a balancing act between his sports life and his school life. Given his natural talent and dedication to the sport, he has been able to manage this better than most. During his time in baseball, Christopher has always been committed to helping others improve, leading him to pursue a coaching position.

Although baseball is his first priority, Christopher Desousa also maintains a high GPA. In fact, his multitasking is one of the skills that allowed him to be a successful full-time student, coach, and player. Some of his current goals revolve around impressing professional recruiters and graduating college.

What has been the most challenging part of managing baseball and school?

Learning how to navigate the endless responsibilities that come with balancing school work and competitive baseball. As with many students, I started by trying to focus on everything. I wanted to have good grades, play baseball as much as possible, and maintain a social life. As a result, finding time to sleep was nearly impossible. Due to that, my performance on the field suffered as I was always exhausted. After a while, I decided to set certain priorities. I started by creating a schedule where I have specific times for studying, playing, and resting.

Do you use any resources or tools to stay organized?

Absolutely. In fact, I doubt that I would survive school without my planners. I mostly rely on online agendas that I can sync to my phone and computer. This allows me to have a tool that shows me my schedule on multiple devices. Thus, if I forget my laptop and need to see where my next obligation is, I can load it on my phone. I also use sound-based reminders. Meaning, I create a dozen different alarms that inform me about a class or practice starting soon.

How do imagine you will overcome the transition from high school to college-level athlete?

Well, I imagine it will be a little challenging in the beginning. I’ll go from being a dominant senior in high school to a freshman in college where the athletic ability will be higher and the competition fiercer. To keep up, I’ll just have to practice as much as possible and keep my strength up. I’ll have to make my baseball skills much sharper because expectations will be higher from coaches and from other players.

What made you become a coach for younger players?

I wanted to share my knowledge with those who may not have anyone helping them. When I was younger, most of my baseball training was done without professional assistance. Meaning, I taught myself the vast majority of what I know today. Since I experienced the difficulties related to this process, I wanted to help others avoid struggling like that. Coaching seemed like a great way to do so, and I started doing it as soon as I established my platform.

What are some common distractions that baseball players in college face?

Well, it widely depends on where the player is located. Someone who resides in New York will definitely be distracted by the never-ending activities in the city. After all, it is known as the “city that never sleeps” for a reason. In my opinion, however, learning to multitask will help one improve their prioritization skills. Meaning, they will be able to focus on the things that matter the most before venturing out to do something irrelevant.

Do you have any advice for people looking to get recruited to play baseball in college?

Start the process as soon as you become a freshman in high school. Talk to your coach and let them know that you want to play baseball in college. This could help you as many high school coaches have relationships with college recruiters. From there, know that your first two years are much more important than the last two. Thus, there is absolutely no time to procrastinate. Ultimately, work on your social skills and learn how to talk to others effortlessly. Having a good sales pitch can be very advantageous as well!

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