Charles Michael Vaughn on the Rise of National Vodka Day


While October 4th may be just another day for the vast majority of the people, individuals like Charles Michael Vaughn know that it is not. This vodka and tequila maker is one of the many folks who celebrate the day as the National Vodka Day. In fact, those who reside in Pittsburgh, for example, go as far as hosting an annual toast that celebrates this beverage.

But what is the true purpose of having a day solely dedicated to a specific food or drink? Does it help that particular item in any way? Absolutely. According to Charles Michael Vaughn, President and Founder of LeSin Vodka, the National Vodka Day was introduced when many other popular food choices began taking days of the year as their own. Some common examples include National Pancake Day that falls on March 5th as well as National Taco Day that is also on October 4th.

The purpose here is quite simple as it aims to increase the awareness about the product and help companies who offer it grow their revenues. Just consider, for instance, the spike in earnings that brands like IHOP will see during the National Pancake Day. Well, the concept is the same with October 4th and vodka. It gives people an excuse to get together and consume some high-quality liquor while sharing personal stories and having a good time.

The History of National Vodka Day

Although there is already a passionate audience in this market, the history of the holiday is not very long. In fact, it has only been around since 2009 and has yet to reach a full decade. Nevertheless, the crowd that supports it is growing every year, and the numbers are expected to continue going up. The exact story behind the creation of this particular day remains unclear. Even the official website that is dedicated to National Vodka Day makes very little mention of any applicable history.

Time to Promote Products

October 4th is an unbelievable opportunity for marketers to show their new vodka-related products to the world, claims Charles Vaughn. This is where things like exotic flavors come in. After all, absent this holiday, it is hard to imagine that anyone would randomly run into things like Peanut Butter and Jelly vodka or vodka-filled snacks. Hence why brands who have products in this sector take full advantage of the free publicity. Doing so also lets them test potential products in the so-called beta testing stage where large subject groups offer feedback. Of course, those groups include random people who partake in the celebration, and the entire venture is very informal.

Fight for Popularity

Given that there are as many as 1,500 national food/drink days in the world getting people’s attention is not easy. Just consider the previously mentioned fact that National Vodka Day already overlaps with National Taco Day. Not to mention the plethora of non-edible holidays that take place every year and overshadow all other events. Good examples would be Christmas, Labor Day, the fourth of July, and much more.

Regardless of such a fierce competition, vodka has been on an upward-sloping curve when it comes to its popularity. Some of its achievements include being recognized by mainstream media networks like the CBS. Moreover, October 4th was featured in the Wine Enthusiast Magazine as well.

The Future according to Charles Michael Vaughn

If one were to try and estimate the future success rate of the National Vodka Day based on its previous years, they would have a lot to look forward to. Just think about the fact that the number of those who engage with this holiday is now counted in the millions. More importantly, that number has been exponentially growing as more people become aware of the celebration according to Charles Michael Vaughn. Regarding brand value, it is undebatable that more exposure to the market will yield a better public image. Naturally, that will result in higher sales that will put companies in positions to create even larger celebrations on October 4th. Thus, it is almost built as a cycle in which one action triggers the next, and the ultimate winner will be every person that is passionate about vodka!

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