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Brad Pyatt on Business and Football

Brad Pyatt is a former American football player that played in the National Football League for more than three years. During that time, he was a part of the Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Before his professional career in football, he went to the University of Kentucky and the University of Northern Colorado.

Nowadays, however, Brad Pyatt is involved in a different type of career. He is a successful business owner that runs a plethora of successful ventures amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Naturally, given his ties to the sport, he remains active through coaching younger teams and frequently working out.

As a person that played for some of the greatest Football teams in the world, are you still involved in the industry?

Only as a spectator. I still love the game of football, and it is one of my favorite passions and hobbies. Nevertheless, the line of work that I am currently in is extremely time-consuming. So, I tend to stay involved by watching the games religiously and maintaining the great “Football Sundays” tradition. Additionally, football is a great way for me to spend time with my family on the weekends. The fact that almost all of us support a different team is what makes it fun and suspenseful.

How often do you workout and what are some of the things that keep you fit?

During a regular week that has no holidays, I try to workout three to four times at least. If certain events are happening, however, I reduce my workouts and focus on my diet. As far as the actual workouts, there are a ton of different things that I do. Some days, I simply go for a quick run to get my day started. If I have extra time, I do a full two-hour session where I lift weights and go through bodyweight exercises. Ultimately, I value days off just as much. My body often needs time to recover, and there are cases when not working out is better than doing anything.

Did your football career prepare you for running your own business?

In a way. During my football career, there were a lot of politics that affected the way my career went. I had to fight hard to attain a respectable position. After coming to some of the large teams in the NFL, I fought even harder. Once I left the sport and started pursuing business interests instead, I definitely saw quite a few similarities.

For example, the way that I had to prove myself in the league is kind of how barriers to entry work in business. Competitors do not want to give you access to the market because you might undermine their efforts. So, you must find ways to overcome adversity and attract the right people.

What is the most important factor when it comes to growing a company?

Marketing. You would not believe how many entrepreneurs overlook something so obvious. In reality, every business venture comes down to putting the right product or service in front of the right audience. To achieve this, however, you must cleverly present your brand to those that will be interested. If you are unable to do so, it does not matter how high-quality or everlasting your offer is.

Therefore, you should always create a detailed marketing plan before you even start your company. That way, whenever you have goods to sell, you will know where to start at least. After a while, the learning curve should be steep enough to help you find what works.

As a coach, what are some of the ways you motivate your players?

I always preach about the importance of keeping your eyes on the prize. In translation, I advise my players to not focus on any given game too much. Instead, they should look at the overall goal that can be something like winning a trophy. Although each game is important and will help you get to your final goal, you should not let stress hinder performance.

During my career in the NFL, I saw a lot of players that had bad performances now and then. If you let those issues bring you down, however, a single bad game will turn into a bad season. So, it is better to think about the long-term idea and acquire motivation from the ultimate goal. When people think of the name Brad Pyatt, I don’t want them to think of a person who gives up easily. Instead, I want my name to be associated with hard work and determination.

Was NFL more challenging that your business endeavors?

The NFL and the business world come with challenges that are very different. In football, you are challenged physically. With business, most of your adversity is based on mental strength. So, it is hard to compare as these two have almost nothing in common. Personally, I prefer the entrepreneurial challenges.

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