Bishop Wayne T Jackson

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson on Spirituality, Faith, and Mental Health

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is the founder and owner of the Impact Television Network. He started the network alongside his wife, and it is currently broadcasted to 80 million homes. Additionally, Wayne T. Jackson and his wife have spent the last 37 years serving as pastors of the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, Michigan.

In his free time, Wayne T. Jackson mentors men that were recently released from incarceration. He guides them through a path of redemption and teaches them the necessary skills to succeed in life. During hurricane Katrina, he facilitated aid to those affected by the storm. Furthermore, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson went on trips to Africa where he brought innumerable supplies (including books and computers) and introduced resources to the local communities.

Why did you decide to work with people who were incarcerated?

Because I believe in second chances. Everyone is capable of making a mistake, and everyone can overcome those mistakes. People do not always make the right choice because they may lack the wisdom that may come with age. I work with those who were incarcerated to share that wisdom and show them the path to recovery.

What do you do to maintain a healthy mind?

I meditate and pray every day. Doing so allows me to relax, gather my thoughts, plan a course of action, and overcome stress. For instance, meditation truly helps me redirect my energy and aim it at something that needs to be addressed. That way, I am always able to properly prioritize my agenda and be of service to those who need me the most. Similarly, praying is my way of talking to God and sharing my earthly experience or divine thoughts.

Given your busy schedule, what tends to be your highest priority?

Family. My wife and I have worked together for almost four decades. We know each other’s every move and anticipate it quite well. This helps us to be very efficient. Nevertheless, I ensure that we spend enough time alone and focus on nothing but one another and our nine children and many grandchildren. After all, if she was not in my life, I doubt that I would be as successful.

Are there certain trends that helped shape your career?

Technology is definitely the most important one. As you may know, my wife and I operate the Impact Television Network. This helps us connect with millions of people who tune in to watch us speak or bring in other leaders and motivators. In the past, establishing a relationship with that many individuals would be simply impossible. Now, through the power of television and international broadcasts, however, we can help countless people every day.

What do you consider to be the most important reasons why someone should have faith in their life?

Purpose, people, and empowerment. Religion is one of the easiest ways to find a purpose in life. It teaches people how to differentiate the right from wrong and be the best version of themselves. Also, religion facilitates timeless connections with those who have similar beliefs. It allows people to find others to confide in and build long-term relationships. Lastly, it empowers someone to go above and beyond through constant encouragement. For instance, our Television Network frequently invites leaders who motivate people to do more.

Do you believe that there is a connection between spirituality and someone’s well being?

I certainly do. I have seen it so many times that it is hard to deny. Spirituality helps people unlock their full potential. It creates a narrative in which everyone is admired for the power and righteousness of their spirit. Moreover, spirituality is completely intertwined with faith. Although there are individuals who engage in one without the other, being spiritual without faith is quite difficult. Thus, it opens another door that can help people achieve mental well-being.

What are some ways that people can give back to their communities?

That list is quite long, and I think the number of alternatives is mind-boggling. One could simply offer financial or material donations to help those in need. Another solution is to provide free services. Ultimately, even participating in campaigns to raise awareness can be extraordinary when it comes to aiding others.

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