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Benjamin Bosco Discusses Academics and Sports

Benjamin Bosco is a student at the University of Connecticut where he studies business. He currently also works as an assistant in the IT help center. Additionally, he is a member of the Burlington Tennis Club where he started playing in 2017. Outside of his in-class achievements, Benjamin Bosco also participated in multiple competitions. The most popular one that he took part in was the “Travelers IT Case Competition” in October of last year. Due to such a busy schedule, he developed great multitasking skills that will enable him to graduate in a timely fashion. After getting his bachelor’s degree, Benjamin Bosco will take advantage of his transferable skills and enter the business world.

Can you give us a quick overview of all the sports that you are involved with?

Right now, my main sport is tennis. I play for the team at UConn and participate in tournaments year-round. Also, I usually go skiing a few dozen times a year. Before starting college, I played some additional sports. Nowadays, however, tennis and my classes keep me very busy, and I use my free time to rest.

You participate in many tennis tournaments while attending full-time classes. How do you organize your training?

It depends on the timing. If I have a tournament that is scheduled for the beginning of the semester, it is easy. No major exams happen during that time, and I can train as much as I need to. It gets a little complicated once the exam season starts. Usually, I communicate with all of my professors and let them know about my schedule. Most of them are understanding and have no problem with giving me extensions. Sometimes, however, I have to do tests early or turn in assignments long before the deadline. That way, whenever I travel for a tournament, I do not have to worry about any last-minute issues.

Do you ever struggle with your academics and studying for exams?

I used to. When I first started, it was very hard to focus on studying before or after I train. My mind was fixated on tennis, and it was hard to think about anything else. Unfortunately, this made it nearly impossible to give class materials my full attention. Once I went through a semester or two, however, I learned how to study efficiently. I take notes in all of my classes, read the material before the lecture, and avoid procrastination. Doing so enables me to retain concepts for longer periods. Thus, I never have to cram a ton of material.

What type of tasks do you handle in your current job?

I work at a help desk which means that I technically do anything and everything within the department. Whenever our professors need help with something that they do not have time for, they contact me. So far, I’ve done everything from Excel workbook editing to more complex database manipulations. No particular job description outlines all of my duties. That is also why the job is so exciting!

Do you see any trends in technology that overlap with the business world?

Absolutely. Our technology flows into every segment of the business. That includes things like some minor supply chain management systems or complex taxing software. In fact, the majority of universities are implementing data science courses in their business programs. The goal is to educate future entrepreneurs on how to be more efficient with software. As far as the trends that I know, there are quite a few. For example, I work a lot with databases. Although most people are unfamiliar with them, many small businesses use databases to track inventory or even do payroll.

What is your dream job?

I want to have my own business one day. I am still working on the area that it would operate in though. I mean, tennis would be a fun and engaging industry. Believe it or not, every sport is an organization that generates revenues. Think about all the ticket and jersey sales. Not to mention the degree to which technology streamlines everything. So, I hope to start and develop a company that would innovate a small sector.

Since you often go skiing, what are some of the tips for people who never skied before?

The very first thing you need to learn is how to slow down and come to a complete stop. In my experience, learning how to take turns and go downhill is easy. Sadly, however, many individuals overlook the importance of knowing how to deaccelerate. Before you ever go on a steep mountain, be sure that you can reduce speed and stop at will. Otherwise, you might have a very unpleasant and dangerous experience.

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