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Benefits of Electric Cars and Carlos Jose’s Input

Coming up with nature-friendly alternatives is one of the most common ways that people try to help the environment. Many years of slowly destroying our surroundings have finally forced people to promote sustainability. Consider, for example, the impact that cars have on the planet’s well-being. Looking at the overall picture of the pollution that the United States produces, car fuel consumption accounts for over a third of our greenhouse gas emissions. Meaning, driving is one of the leading factors that increase the contribution that the U.S. has on nature’s downfall.

Fortunately, innovation is also as fast-paced as the world’s pollution levels. Those who want ways to protect their surroundings continue to invest time and money into research. As a consequence, recycling and green initiatives are now movements that most nations support. A great example of those mentioned above is electric cars. These vehicles are becoming more popular as a direct alternative to fuel consumption that hinders the environment. So, what are some of the most important benefits of electric cars when it comes to the environment?

Better Air Quality

Obviously, the lack of fuel that electric cars use leads to a reduction in dangerous fumes that are sent into the atmosphere. The same cannot be said about the traditional transportation that consumes gas. Even cars that are not fully transitioned and work as hybrids are safer for the environment. For the human population, this means better air quality in urban areas. Although it may seem irrelevant, it can improve one’s health substantially and minimize the likelihood of diseases.

Climate Change

Carlos Jose, a former airport manager who spent decades of his professional career managing facilities for Miami Dade County, points out that electric vehicles help slow down climate change. According to NASA’s research, Carbon is one of the leading factors for this change. Over the past few decades, the human population has increased the emission of this gas by over a third. Consequently, the concentration of this gas in the atmosphere is far greater. Due to that, the average temperatures are higher as the entire planet is becoming warmer. Hence where the term “global warming” comes from.

Electric vehicles, once again, do not operate by burning fuel and emitting gasses into the atmosphere. Meaning, drivers who utilize them will not be contributing to the increased concentration of Carbon in the atmosphere. In the long-run, the more electric vehicles keep replacing traditional cars, the less likely it is for temperatures to continue to rise. Unfortunately, the opposite scenario also applies.


As Carlos Jose further notices, electric cars are not without any flaws. After all, producing the batteries that support such sophisticated vehicles is not a nature-friendly process. Instead, it is done in facilities that release a lot of toxic gasses into the atmosphere. Nevertheless, the overall impact of electric cars is still much lower than their fossil fuel counterparts. Even though their production may hinder the surroundings, this downfall is offset by long-term benefits. Meaning, electric cars’ impact on the environment is still nowhere near as dangerous.


Traditional cars are based around an infrastructure of refilling stations in various locations in most cities. However, even in developed countries like The United States, some rural communities have to make a significant journey to locate their nearest gas station. On the other hand, electric vehicles can be recharged almost anywhere with a wall outlet and frequently operate on a battery capable of traveling huge distances before needing a charge.

People can even work around the re-charging as they do with smartphones. Meaning, they can simply let their electric vehicle recharge while they sleep. In the morning, they will have a full battery that offers great mileage.

Economic Benefits

The environment is not the only area that will benefit from mass-production and use of electric cars. The economy can also prosper. Just consider the constant rise and fall of gas prices. With the United States importing a significant portion of their oil from foreign countries, price volatility is unavoidable. Switching to electric sources, however, could put an end to this problem. People could enjoy flat fees for re-charging and stop getting victimized by international policies. Meaning, they will no longer depend on the way that the fuel supply and demand are set up. This promises to significantly reduce the cost of traditional transportation methods and therefore reduce prices across the board.

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