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November 4, 2018

Bay Tree Solutions Shares the Most Unusual Timeshare Countries

Timeshare properties have slowly grown to be one of the most common, shared-interest investments used for vacations. For those unfamiliar, these are owned by multiple people who agree to use them at specific times. Hence the name based on “time” and “sharing.”

Given the upward-sloping curve when it comes to globalization, now is the perfect time to get into such a forward-thinking business. Besides offering incredible returns, it will provide one with a traveling destination where they can take a vacation themselves! So, what are some of the most often overlooked locations for timeshare ownership? Bay Tree Solutions, a timeshare resale company, lists just a few.


Malta, Montenegro, and Portugal

Naturally, Europe tends to make the vast majority of the travel-related lists given its arsenal of beautiful tourist destinations. In the case of timesharing, however, one could separate a few countries that seem to be overwhelmingly unexplored. These include Malta, Montenegro, and Portugal. With a combined population of barely over a million, Malta and Montenegro are amongst the smallest countries on this continent. Portugal, on the other hand, has population count that exceeds these two by over nine times. Nevertheless, it often takes a backseat to Spain given its geographical positioning and everything that Spain offers.

All three of these countries have touching points with a large body of water. In other words, they have some of the best beaches in existence. Since they are off the radar, however, the vast majority of the beaches are generally not packed with tourists. Additionally, all three of the countries offer a rich culture and experience. Just consider the quality of prosciutto, per se, that will be served in both Montenegro in Portugal. Not to mention the importance of advantageous investing laws that do not put harsh limits on outsourced capital.

North America

Rhode Island, Indiana, and Canada

According to Bay Tree Solutions, U.S.-based destinations are easily the most common alternative for U.S. buyers. Naturally, these are the investors that want to own a part of the property located in the same country in which they reside. Well, although states like California and Florida come with an abundance of mind-blowing destinations, it is important to mention some other choices that are less popular. These include areas like Rhode Island, Indiana, and even Texas.

Additionally, if one is focused on investing in the market in North America, Bay Tree Solutions strongly encourages them to look into the Canadian offerings. With favorable investing and tax laws, Canada is a country currently leading the world in things like sustainability, healthcare, and much more. Thus, forming a business that may lead to one’s potential relocation to the Great White North can come with a plethora of benefits in the long-run.


Japan and South Korea

Although most tropical places will be located in Europe as well as North and South Americas, the market in Asia offers the most advanced technology on the planet. Just consider the fact that Japan is currently utilizing next-generation tools that seldom even exist elsewhere. Thus, purchasing a timeshare property for investment in areas around Asia can be a very profitable decision. It will help the investor get familiar with many state-of-the-art inventions that may perpetuate better business decisions as well.

Moreover, exploring the culture of certain countries in Asia is a venture that can take years. Just think about the shock that one will experience if they go to South Korea from western civilization, per se. The differences in ordinary habits alone will be enough to make an investor re-evaluate their entire life.

South America

Brazil and Peru

Individuals who want to own timeshare properties close to their home can nearly always do so. For those looking to explore different cultures in faraway lands, however, there are abundant opportunities in countries like Brazil and Peru. With a great climate that allows people to take full advantage of the ocean, most countries in South America are perfect for vacations.

Importantly, however, getting timeshare properties in South America should be a subject to careful research. This is a consequence of the high crime rates that tend to take place in some regions. Nevertheless, relying on experienced professionals to handle the search is a great way to minimize the risks!

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