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Meet Arthur Toole and His Book: Don’t Eat from the F.I.G. Tree

Growing up in a single-parent home in Birmingham, AL, Arthur Toole lived below the minimum standards and went on to defy statistics. As he grew up, he faced difficult odds, and most would have thought he’d end up staying right where he was. Because of an amazing mother and his drive to do more, Arthur Toole went on to serve in the military, obtain an MBA and start a thriving financial business that he is working on today.

Along the way, he met bumps, bruises, and trials as he journeyed to the path he is on today. As a family man working in the corporate world, he knew that he wanted to do more, be more, and be present more in his everyday life. Thus, out of this drive and desire was born a book and a company that Arthur proudly runs today. His company, SIFT, works to help people meet their financial goals and gain the freedom they’ve only dreamed about. With this drive to help others gain freedom both financially and in their business world, he wrote the book, Don’t Eat From the F.I.G. Tree, “How to Blacklist Yourself to Become Wealthy.”

Who Should Read the Book?

Arthur Toole wrote this book to be a guide and blueprint for the generation to come after him. He wanted to encourage those who know they have big dreams and goals but aren’t sure what path to take to achieve those goals and dreams. One of the main focuses, as he wrote, was to help his children learn how to reach those achievements in their lifetime but also to help others who come along and want to get rid of corporate America and reach their own goals.

What Will You Find?

Arthur Toole will share inspiring truths on how to reach the wealth you desire, the dirty facts behind the stigma of how you’re “supposed” to achieve your dreams, and what you can do to avoid being caught in that vicious trap. Arthur shares tips and tricks on knowing which relationships you need to cultivate and nurture and which ones you should cut off and leave behind you for good. Not all relationships in the business and personal world are for the betterment of you and your family. Knowing which ones to get rid of and which to keep is part of the battle.

Toole also shares a vast amount of information on learning to speak “wealth” and how to put the skills and talents you have in place to work for you. He encourages those who’ve been fed the F.I.G. to leave it behind and take a step of faith in the right direction for your success.

Whether you’re a businessman or woman stuck in corporate America looking for an out or you’re just starting your journey, this is a great book for you to pick up and consume. Read through the entire book and learn new ways to get those goals you’re after and to achieve the financial freedom that so many dreams of but never achieve.

Allow Arthur Toole to share his servant heart with you and learn all you can about leaving the corporate world behind you. You can achieve your goals and aspirations and you do not have to go the “traditional” route everyone else wants you to think is the way. Make your own way. Create your own path and see where it will take you!

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