‘Art Fried’ Explains the Importance of Building a Personal Brand

Building a personal brand can be a vital part of your career. No matter what your position is, from an independent artist to a Fortune 500 CEO, a brand will help you move ahead in the business world. It’s crucial that everyone build their own personal brand, or others will do it for them. Art Fried from Ketubahs by Art Fried shares his top five reasons why everyone should have a personal brand.

1. Personal Brands Help You Set Priorities

When you are building your own personal brand, it is smart to lay out all of your personal strengths and capabilities. Decide what makes you valuable to prospective employers and customers as well as your business associates. If you are lacking in an area, make sure that you take the time to build your skills. Building a brand is more than a superficial exercise. It is a way for you to set priorities within your career.

2. Attract Potential Employers and Associates

You should consider making a website for yourself with your name as the title and URL, says Art Fried, owner of Ketubahs by Art Fried. This will help prospective employers and associates find you. You will also need to build a social media presence that is related to your personal brand. Make sure that these social media accounts reflect you in the best possible light. For example, you may not want your Facebook account that is full of political jokes to be associated with your brand presence. Think carefully about what you want to present to the world.

3. Share Your Expertise

When you are building content for your website and social media sites, think about sharing your personal strengths with your visitors. Teach others the lessons you have learned in your career. Presenting yourself as an expert will give your image a boost. Make sure that your content is fully factual and useful. Videos, social media, and blog posts are all good ways to teach what you know.

4. Enhance Your Personal Network

Having a solid brand will help you build your network of connections. If you post an interview with a business connection on your website, you will be associated with another successful business person. You will be able to ask this person for favors in the future since you helped them gain exposure. Being connected to other people in your line of work is necessary for success.

It is also worthwhile to give back to your community through charitable work. This will give your personal brand a special quality. Be sure that your charitable connections are visible on your website and in your social media postings. Charitable work can benefit you by building your image and showing that you are a valued member of your local community. Consider starting a scholarship for deserving students.

5. Build Your Personal Worth

When you build your personal brand, it is important to consider how much your skills are worth on the open market. Many people undervalue themselves from a financial standpoint. Decide what your personal strengths are and build your image around them. Find out how others are being compensated for similar work, and make sure that you project a sense of self-worth that attracts prosperity.

Making a Brand Work for You

Setting priorities with your personal brand is an important way to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that your strengths are played up when you create your personal brand. These represent the value that you would bring to a prospective employer or business connection. Take advantage of your business connections and use them to bolster your standing.

Don’t be disingenuous when building a personal brand. Make sure that you are presenting yourself as truthfully as possible. People can spot a fake, and a made-up personal brand can damage your reputation.

Art Fried from Ketubahs by Art Fried has shared these five reasons why you should build your own personal brand. This process has been invaluable to him over the years and has helped maintain a thriving business in a competitive niche. Use these five tips to enhance your own prosperity and job security.

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