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Andreas Anusavice Discusses Real Estate and Customer Care

Andreas Anusavice is a real estate investor from Florida. Aside from investing in Florida, he also conducts investments in Texas. Currently, he works for Zenith Trust and lives in Dania Beach. Due to financial difficulties in the past, Andreas Anusavice was unable to attend college after graduating high school. Nonetheless, he became an entrepreneur as soon as possible despite the challenges he faced.

First, Andreas Anusavice operated a tree care business. To do so, he offered his services locally. Years later, he became an established professional who has worked with hundreds of home buyers and sellers. Although he made his first purchase in 2016, Andreas Anusavice already has a rich portfolio and a long resume.

What are some of the strategies that help you make purchases?

Since I work directly with the homeowners, my main goal is to develop a personal relationship with them. The way that I do that is by communicating well and hearing them out. For example, I almost always let them choose what the closing date of our transaction will be. Additionally, I make cash purchases and avoid dealing with intermediary banks. Doing so helps people get the funds faster.

How did you first learn to negotiate? Was it mostly a trial and error process?

It was definitely a trial and error process that took place over the years. I was always a good communicator and never had issues with meeting new people. Once I became an investor, however, I needed to develop my negotiating skills further. After all, I never worked directly in sales before. Nevertheless, after a few purchases, I was more than ready to take on any client.

What is the main difference between working for a smaller company and a large business?

In my opinion, client interactions differ a lot. Large businesses work with many customers, and it may be hard to get to know all of them personally. With small companies, on the other hand, everyone essentially becomes a part of the family. In my case, I ensure that all of my clientele is satisfied by putting personal touches on our transactions. That includes everything from regular follow-ups to personal questions about their families. After all, I want to demonstrate that I care about them more than their property.

How do you choose which homes need to be restored and if the endeavor is worth it?

Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut guidelines. For example, a house that is in poor condition may be well worth the investment in a popular area. That same house in an abandoned neighborhood, however, is probably worth next to nothing. So, there are external factors that play a large role.

What was your most challenging personal and professional experience and how did you overcome it?

When I was a senior in high school, my family went through some financial difficulties. As a consequence, I had to work and support those around me. Although I had to avoid college, I am very proud that I chose the path that led me to help out my family. Also, starting my tree-care business was the foundation of my entrepreneurial career.

What are your criteria for choosing which investments to make?

The most important criteria are the area, the growth in similar markets, and the customer in question. First, I analyze the location where the property is. If there is a market for it, I will generally do my best to close the deal. If not, I will consider other factors and see if something else justifies a purchase. Then, I look into similar purchases and analyze them. If this exact type of transaction did well somewhere else, I might still make the deal.

Most importantly, I always look closely at our clients. If they are a repeat customer, I will do my best to accommodate them. Thus, although we will still negotiate extensively, my main goal would be to buy their property.

What are some of the things that you enjoy about your job the most?

I love working with people and spending time outside of the office. I currently have dozens of clients that interact with me almost daily. In fact, I know most of their personal endeavors and how their lives are going. Not to mention the long-term relationships that I established.

Additionally, I love the ability to move around. When you do real estate and buy homes for cash, you have to visit the property at least a few times. Whether it is to meet the seller or to bring an inspection crew, you are bound to go there eventually. Since I never really liked doing office work, traveling is the best part of my job. And that does not even include the countless events that I organize for our clients. Lastly, I also enjoy overseeing restoration projects.

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